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Kay Truetone Speed Demon vintage guitarlate 1950s Kay Truetone Speed Demon - truly grouse 3-pickup guitar that just oozes character and is great to play! Overall very original, and totally usable. Sounds great! - went to Bill

1956 Maton EG240 Supreme - a nice early Supreme, and in totally original condition. I love these electrics, and this one's just back from a service and fret dress and polish with Jim Cargill. SUPREME! Comes with very worn OHSC - went to Barry

1958 Levin 335 archtop with added pickup - my very first archtop, purchased 2nd-hand nearly 30 years ago, was a Levin 335 exactly like this one. But it was in much worse shape than this 1958-made gem! Has had a quality PAF-style humbucker professionally fitted at some stage, making it an ideal jazzbox! Solid, hand-carved Spruce top, Maple back and sides, Mahogany/Ebony neck, and a gorgeous Rosewood fretboard make this a grouse vintage jazzbox at a bargain price. Comes with OHSC - went to George

vintage Epiphone Broadway guitar1959 Epiphone Broadway archtop electric in blonde - original and near mint with vintage HSC (serial E251Nat - 2338) - went to Craig in Rhode Island, USA

vintage Moody lapsteellate '50s or early '60s Australian Moody lap steel - a beautiful and toneful example of an early Australian lap steel. Gorgeous! - went to Nik

vintage Commodore lapsteel guitarlate '50s or early '60s Commodore lap steel - a stunning and mint art deco style lap steel of incredible quality made in New Zealand in the late '50s to early '60s - went to Chris

Kay K100 Vanguard vintage guitar1960s Kay K100 Vanguard - a nice original and characterful blues machine! Cool as they come! Made in the USA in the '60s, and even has its OHSC - went to Mark

1960 Levin 3301960 Levin 330 archtop electric - a stunning quality guitar from this highly-regarded Swedish maker - solid timbers throughout, with European Spruce top and Maple back and sides, Mahogany neck with an Ebony/Maple/Ebony centre lamination, and Rosewood fretboard. Stunning in sound, looks and playability. Duke Robillard owns one, and so can you! - went to Japan

1960 Fender Duo-sonic1960 Fender Duo-Sonic - this pre-L vintage Fender is incredibly toneful, playable, cool, and affordable! Alder body, Maple neck and slab Brazilian Rosewood board all add up to TONE! This guitar was sold new in Australia, and it even comes with its original Stamford case - went to Alan

1961 Maton EG240 C/A Supreme - a really nice thinline (2 1/2" deep) vintage Maton Supreme, and in totally original condition. I love these electrics, and this one's a real gem. SUPREME! Comes with Maton HSC - went to Joseph

vintage Maton EG90 151 Starline guitar1961 Maton EG90 Starline 151 archtop electric - AMAZING!! - an 'under-the-bed' find, and a guitar that displays the heights Australian guitar manufacturing can reach! - went to Trent

1962 per-L Fender Jaguar1962 Fender Jaguar - this pre-L vintage Fender Jaguar has been refinished in Shoreline Gold, and carries some later replacement parts, which means it's an affordable way to get into owning a pre-L vintage Fender! However, it looks stunning, plays and sounds awesome (you'll be surprised what a Jag with balls can sound like!) and is a super-rare very early build with the slab Brazilian Rosewood board. Comes with proper-sized near-new Fender black tolex HSC - went to Craig - click here to read the amazing story of this sale!

1962 Harmony H-751962 Harmony H-75 - a beautiful example of Harmony's top model in 1962. Obviously produced to compete with both Gibson® and Gretsch®, there are very usable guitars! Comes with high quality HSC - went to Phil

vintage Harmony Rocket guitarcirca 1962 Harmony Rocket - a GROUSE blues guitar made in the USA in the early '60s and in unbelievable original condition, right down to the gold DeArmond pickups! True vintage USA tone and style at an affordable price. Comes with quality HSC - went to Luke

vintage Maton Alver electric archtop1962 Alver archtop electric - made by Maton. These laminated guitars are extremely usable and stable as electrics, plus this one's super cool with its Bigsby-style trem! Great for that Rockabilly or Jazz tone, and looks to match with its original Cherry Sunburst finish! - went to Stuart

vintage Maton Fyrbyrd guitar1962 Maton Fyrbyrd with original case. Cool guitar with its Moon White finish, red pickguard and black headstock! Plays, looks and sounds A1. comes with OHSC - went to Dan

Silvertone 14481963 Silvertone (Sears/Danelectro) 1448 amp-in-case guitar - super cool, ultra collectable, very affordable, hugely fun! This is a sought-after model, and is in unbelievably good and original condition. Even comes with a step-down transformer so you can use the American-voltage amp built into the case here in Australia - went to Rachel

vintage Maton 545 Premier guitar1963 Maton 545 Premier archtop electric - MINT!! - one of the lowest-mileage vintage Matons I've ever seen. Totally original, and complete with its original (optional) Stamford hard shell case - went to a collector in Sydney

1964 Maton Flamingo - the best vintage Maton Flamingo I have ever come across, and I doubt I'll ever see another like it. Super cool, super collectable, super AUSSIE! - went to Phil

1964 Gretsch Chet Atkins Nashville 61201964 Gretsch 6120 Chet Atkins Nashville - a very desirable vintage Gretsch in absolutely incredible condition. Just 2 careful owners, factory-fitted Van Ghent tuners, new mute pad. A stunner! Comes with OHSC - went to Wayne in New Zealand

vintage Ibanez Mosrite style guitar1964 Ibanez model 3903 Mosrite-influenced electric in original case - went to Martin

1965 Fender Jaguar - This 1965 vintage Fender is a stunner! Totally original, very low-mileage, and the desired crossover model unique to 1965 with the bound neck and dot markers - a very beautiful guitar! With OHSC - went to Allan

1965 Maton Fyrbyrd 1220 (FB1220) 12-string electric - Now here's a rare bird, or actually 'byrd', for you to ogle. The Maton Fyrbyrd is a very collectable guitar in its own right, but this 12-string version is especially so! Only 120 were made in 1965 and 1966, with serial numbers between 101 and 220. This one is serial 148. Finally and very reluctantly released from my own private collection - went to Rodger

1965 (approx) RM (Rose Music) MIJ guitar - I've never seen another guitar with the RM brand. Rose Music were most famous for their Goldentone amplifiers from the late 1950s, and they doubtless imported and distributed these guitars from Aria or Teisco in Japan. Very collectable - and super cool through your Goldentone amp! Comes with a perfect HSC! - went to Andrew

1965 L-series Fender Mustang - a delightful Mustang from the desired 1964/65 era, this guitar is a very affordable entry into L-series vintage Fender ownership. It even comes with its OHSC! - went to Jamie

L-series Fender Jazzmaster1965 L-series Fender Jazzmaster - January 1965 was the birth month of this lovely L-series vintage Fender Jazzmaster. Much loved, much played, but overall very original. Comes with a new plush-lined black tolex hard shell case of the correct size - went to Fabian

vintage Maton Leaderman Fyrbyrd electric guitar1965 Maton Leaderman 725 - a beautifully original example finished in factory custom black, in its original case, and even with the original Maton leather strap! went to Sue

1966 Gibson ES330TD1966 Gibson ES-330 - I'm a real fan of these hollowbody thinline P90 single-coil Gibsons! They kick out the Blues and Rock'n'Roll tones like nothing else! This is a superb example, and comes with its OHSC - went to Grant

vintage Mosrite Joe Maphis guitar1966 Mosrite Joe Maphis - an incredibly original and pristine example of a truly GROUSE made-in-the-USA vintage electric guitar- went to a collector in Sydney.

vintage Fender Coronado guitar1966 Fender® Coronado thinline archtop in great original condition - be different!! (serial 199792) - went to Tim

1967 Fender Coronado XII1967 Fender Coronado XII in amazing custom color - A 12-string stunner! All original, and a very rare example, with factory 'Special' stamp and incredible 'Gretsch-on-steroids' translucent orange-red factory custom color.- went to John

vintage Gretsch 6120 Nashville1967 Gretsch 6120 Chet Atkins Nashville - yes, a highly desirable vintage Gretsch from the golden pre-Baldwin era - comes with vintage HSC - went to a collector in Sydney

vintage Maton Sapphire semi-acoustic bass guitar1967 Maton Sapphire semi-acoustic bass - model 402/4, in glorious under-the-bed condition. This is a very early example - serial 265 - and Maton records indicate only 60 of these original 1967/8 models were made. It comes complete with its original case and strap! - went to Richard in The Netherlands

1968 (approx) Yamaha SG2a - also known as the Flying Samurai, or variously as the 'hockey-stick' or 'banana' Yamaha, this rare guitar is something I have searched for over many years! Stunning in its original metallic turquoise finish, and a serious, serious surf guitar. Awesome sound, drop-dead gorgeous looks - went to Mark

Mosrite Celebrity1968 Mosrite Celebrity III thinline archtop electric - Made in the USA in 1968 is this Semie Mosely Mosrite Celebrity III, a hollowbody thinline electric, not unlike a Gibson ES-330. Unbelievably good condition, and comes with near-new high-quality Gator case - went to Gary

Maton El Toro1968 Maton El Toro - number 10 of only 56 ever made! Super cool guitar with a 31-fret two-and-a-half octave neck and 27 3/4" scale. Looks awesome, sounds awesome, plays awesomely. Comes with OHSC - went to Steve

vintage Fender Telecaster Thinline guitar1968 Fender® Telecaster - Serious mojo, and the lightest and most toneful Telecaster we have ever come across! Only 2.9kg, or 6.4 pounds. went to David

vintage Gibson ES-330 guitar1968 Gibson ES-330 - a grouse Gibson with P90 tone to die for! Unavailable since 1972, the ES-330 remains among the most comfortable and versatile electric guitars Gibson ever made, as used by players as diverse as Duke Robillard, Martin Barre and Bill Frisell! - serial 959213 with OHSC - went to Jon

1969 Fender Telecaster with Bigsby - an Ash-bodied Tele with a Bigsby is about as cool as it gets, and a genuine 1960s vintage example makes it pure heaven. Great condition, and comes with its OHSC - went to Bill

1970 Gibson SG Custom - Made in the USA in 1970 (pot codes 20th week 1970) is this great player's example of the top SG model. All original hardware, and comes with OHSC - went to Geoff

vintage Maton GE-7 archtop jazz guitar1970s Maton 7-string GE7 'George Golla' archtop - I am proud to offer this guitar, which Maton has verified belonged to George Golla (or possibly Don Andrews). George Golla, the ever-present musical partner of Don Burrows, a great Jazz duo from Sydney, Australia in the 1970s, was one of my guitar heroes back then. His 7-string sound was legendary - and his guitar is now offered here, one of only 7 ever made by Maton, comes with OHSC - went to Peter

vintage Godwin guitar organ1970s Godwin Guitar Organ , mint, super rare, all original in OHSC and complete with all original cabling and control pedals. We purchased 4 of these as New Old Stock, the only examples from a deceased estate of the owner of a long-gone music shop. One went to Darwin, one to Germany, one to France, and this is the very last to be offered - went to Brandon in Georgia, USA.

vintage Maton Phil Manning guitar1970s Maton PM2 Phil Manning Standard - yes, the mono brother to the legendary Custom Stereo, but still an awesome guitar. One owner, and all original in its case. The Aussie Les Paul? - went to Damian

1971 Maton Sapphire Deluxe 302/6 - another well-kept secret from the vault of vintage Australian tone machines! Only 349 were ever made between 1968 and 1974. This is a very original survivor. Tone to burn, with great looks and unbeatable playability! Comes with a new plush-lined archtop HSC - went to Sean

1971 Fender Telecaster (left-handed) - a great leftie vintage Telecaster at a great price! This is a player more than a collector, and feels and sounds fantastic. Original black finish, and comes with OHSC - went to David

1971 Maton 505 Apollo1971 Maton 505 Apollo hollowbody electric - in near mint condition, this guitar was purchased in 1971, played until 1978, then stored. A great guitar, fully hollow like a Gibson® ES-330. Comes with OHSC - went to Paul

Fender Bass VI1971 Fender VI - a very, very rare instrument in absolutely superb original condition. Sold new in Melbourne from Clemes Musical Services in Russell St, still in its mint Aussie Stamford case, with original manuals, documentation, strap, tremolo bar, bridge covers and mute - went to Jason

vintage 1971 Gibson Les Paul1971 Gibson Les Paul Custom. One-owner, dead original example (other than changed tuners) in factory black. Complete with factory hard case, and unplayed for the last 15 years - went to Michael (and then offered at a major Sydney vintage guitar dealer at a huge premium)

1972 Gretsch Viking 7585 - nothing sounds or looks like a Gretsch! These are truly grouse guitars! The Viking model was a high-end model for Gretsch, essentially a White Falcon in a more traditional finish. This stunning example dates from February 1972, and comes complete with its original case. - went to Daniel

1972 Epiphone EA-250 Riviera - a Made-in-Japan Riviera from the early 1970s, when Gibson moved production of the Epiphone model range to Japan. Now becoming collectable as players and collectors alike recognise just how good these 'lawsuit era' MIJ guitars really are! Very original and visually stunning! - went to Lindsay

1972 Guild M75 Bluesbird1972 Guild M75 Bluesbird - a very serious competitor to Gibson's Les Paul. Solid Mahogany body, quailty USA hardware and pickups, and factory phase switch and master volume. Comes with OHSC - went to Ian

1973 Fender Telecaster Deluxe - these are a really cool guitar, produced between January 1973 and early 1981. This one, in original Walnut (sometimes called Mocha) finish is in fantastic original condition, and dates from early 1973. Great for playing or investment, for the musician or the collector! - went to Matt

vintage Maton Wedgtail electric guitar1973 Maton Wedgtail left-handed - would this be the most elusive Australian collectable guitar ever? The Holy Grail of Maton and Australian guitar collectors is the Maton Wedgtail; a super-rare left-handed version landed at Grouse Guitars! - went to Jeffery in Illinois, USA

1974 Maton George Golla GG22A - if you want a high quality jazz archtop, with Sitka Spruce top, Rock Maple back, sides and neck, Rosewood (Brazilian?) bridge and headstock facing, this will blow any American archtop out of the water at this price point. A stunner. With OHSC - went to Jack

1974 Greco FA (lawsuit era Gibson® ES-175® copy - some years back I had a blonde version of this same guitar. These are genuinely amazing! I personally prefer these over the American guitars they copy, and they are less than half the price! A vintage made-in-Japan tone bargain. Even comes with its original and very cool MIJ HSC - went to Jesse

1974 Fernandes Burny Olds Tele® copy - a very early and collectable Fernandes (Japan) lawsuit copy of a Fender® Telecaster® in remarkably low-mileage condition. Comes with mear-mint OHSC - went to Clinton

Ibanez 2404 twin neck1974 (approx) Ibanez 2404 twin neck bass and guitar - extremely rare version, with a 4-string bass and 6-string guitar neck. Very usable, and very collectable! - went to Luke

1974 Fender Telecaster Custom1974 Fender Telecaster Custom - AMAZING!! - an 'under-the-bed' find, with just two fastidious owners and very low mileage. Collector grade vintage Fender Telecaster Custom with original case and case candy - went to Michael

1975 Gibson Les Paul Custom Black Beauty - The LP Custom is a model that looks stunning in black, with the multiple binding, gold hardware and pearl fretboard inlays. The Black Beauty Custom is probably my favourite Les Paul model, and this one is a corker! It's very original, and comes with its OHSC - went to Tony

1975 Ovation Breadwinner - a rare and cool solid-body electric Ovation. The Breadwinners were one of the very first to have an on-board FET pre-amp, and the mini-humbuckers and active electronics make these an incredibly versatile axe! This is a very well cared-for original example, and comes with OHSC - sold to Steven

Greco lawsuit ES-175 copy1975 Greco FA lawsuit Gibson® ES-175® copy - A stunner! All original, all-maple. This plays and sounds as amazing as it looks. I challenge you to find a Gibson that's better! Comes with brand new HSC - went to Simon

1975 Gretsch 7660 guitar - MINT!1975 Gretsch 7660 - stunning 1-owner example - We previously had a beautiful '77 example of this model (see it here) and I was highly impressed by its playability and sound. After searching for a replacement I came across this amazing, virtually perfect example, complete with original leather strap and deluxe hard shell case - went to Nigel

Fender Strat1975 Fender Stratocaster hardtail - a rare light (just over 7 pounds) totally original non-tremolo (yep, it stays in tune like a Tele!) large headstock Strat! (serial 555255) - went to a buyer in Western Australia

1976 Fender Stratocaster 1-owner! - A gem from early 1976. Collector-grade, and absolutely untouched, with its original case, purchase receipt (from Geelong in 1976), warranty card, strap and bridge cover. Very, very special! - went to lucky new owner

1976 Fender Starcaster - a very rare and near-mint example of this orphan model from Fender which ran from 1976 until 1980. It was designed to take Gibson's ES-335 model head-on. Did it succeed? In hindsight, I definitely think YES!! Comes with OHSC - went to Steve

vintage Greco Super Sounds Strat copy1976 Greco Super Sounds lawsuit Strat® copy - a Made-in-Japan Greco (for the Japanese home market) copy of a late '60s Fender® Strat® - amazing quality and accuracy, and the original (and highly desirable) Maxon Excel pickups (dated Jan 1976) sound fantastic! - went to Justin

1976 Fender Stratocaster - Here's a really nice, much-played Olympic White Strat. Weight is just 8 pounds with the Ash body and Maple neck giving fantastic Strat tones. Original staggered-pole pickups, and comes with OHSC - went to David

1976 Ibanez 2402WH lawsuit twin neck1976 stunning white and gold Ibanez 2402WH twin-neck! - a beautiful example of this highly-collectable 'lawsuit' era copy of a Gibson EDS-1275, complete with OHSC - went to John

vintage Ibanez Gibson Firebird reverse copy 1976 Ibanez 2348 "Firebrand" lawsuit Gibson reverse Firebird V copy - a rare guitar, copying a 'transition' Gibson 'reverse' Firebird with non-reverse headstock. Cool as! In original case! - went to Nick in New Zealand

Gretsch Country Roc1976 Gretsch Country Roc model 7620 with OHSC - YEEHAA! Awesome tone machine with SuperTron pickups (serial 5-6050) went to collector in Sydney

1977 Fender Telecaster - A beaut example of just how nice a '70s vintage Fender Telecaster can be. 2-piece Ash body, all original hardware and moulded case. Great for playing or investment, for the musician or the collector! - went to Graeme

1977 Dobro model 66 - a beautiful one-owner example of the attractive model 66, with the two-tone sandblasted laminated wood body. This was fitted with a very discrete magnetic pickup back in 1977, making this beaut guitar extremely usable! This guitar is near-mint, and comes with original documentation, receipts and near-mint OHSC - went to Stu

1977 Fender Strat left-handed1977-serial left-handed Fender Stratocaster - here's a truly GROUSE Strat for you southpaws! In astounding condition, and complete with OHSC! - went to Rod

1978 Ibanez George Benson GB10 - a stunning guitar from the very first year of production - 1978. Just number 267 off the line! Very collectable, and stunning to look at and play. Comes with the sought-after factory optional flight case as well as a genuine Ibanez black tolex hard shell case. GROUSE!!! - went to Peter

Greco SA-800 lawsuit copy of Gibson ES-345TD1978 Greco SA800WA lawsuit Gibson® ES-345® copy in walnut - an amazing Fujigen Gakki-produced guitar in every respect, and super-cool with its walnut finish, just like Gibson offered as an option in 1969. Looks, playability and sound that will beat almost any Gibson, which is what the lawsuit problem was all about! - went to Dieter in Germany

Gibson Les Paul Standard 1979 MINT!1979 Gibson Les Paul Standard, near MINT! - a stunning example in barely-touched condition. Very, very hard to find in this condition. Comes with original 'chainsaw' HSC- went to Dean

Gibson ES-175 rare thinline guitar1979 Gibson ES-175T, the very rare (only 1063 were ever made in total) 'thinline' version of the timeless ES-175 which was only made between 1976 and 1979. Sounds great, and feels comfortable! Very original, in beautiful wine red finish, the rarest production colour of which only 267 were ever produced, and only 10 during 1979!!! - went to Nathan

vintage Fender Stratocaster guitar1979 Fender Stratocaster Sunburst dead original unmolested, ash body, OHSC, won't last! - serial S918339 - went to Michael

1980 Shiro ES-175® copy - I have always been a huge fan of the elusive Shiro guitars made in Japan in the late '70s and early '80s. Fantastic quality in all respects, and with fantastic-sounding Maxon pickups. These are seriously good, and this one is in seriously good and original condition! Went to Chris

early 1980s Hondo Chiquita travel guitar - a huge amount of fun from a tiny package! Designed in the early 1980s by Mark Erlewine and Billy Gibbons to get around the carry-on luggage restrictions, these diminutive tone monsters have become very collectable! This low-mileage example is in collector grade condition, and comes complete with its original backpack gig bag and a period strap - went to Marty

Ferandes Burny vintage Telecasterearly 1980s Fernandes (Burny) lawsuit copy of a '62 Fender® Telecaster Custom® - a much-played and much-loved early Fernandes made-in-Japan copy of Fender's prettiest Tele® model ever - the sunburst, double-bound Telecaster Custom® - went to Ben

1980 Maton JB6 neck-through solidbody - The JB4 bass, with its legendary tone and sustain, is a well-known vintage Maton classic, but not as many people know of the equally grouse JB6 guitar! Great tone, sustain and feel from the neck-through Sassafras and Rock Maple construction, coupled with great humbuckers with phase switching for true versatility. Comes with OHSC - went to Zane

Peavey T-601980 Peavey T-60 with OHSC (serial 00751310) - went to Memos in Greece

1980 Shiro ES-335® copy - I have always been a huge fan of the elusive Shiro guitars made in Japan in the late '70s and early '80s. Fantastic quality in all respects, and with fantastic-sounding Maxon pickups. These are seriously good, and this one is in seriously good and original condition! Comes with quality HSC - went to Thai

1980s BC Rich archtop - extremely RARE!! - This is an amazing guitar. Extremely rare - I can't find much information despite endless research - and made in Japan in the mid 1980s. Character just oozes from this high-quality guitar; a jazzbox with attitude! Has single floating neck humbucker for Jazz or Blues work, but also an active Piezo under-saddle pickup in the bridge. Use the pickups individually or blended for a HUGE range of tones. For those who want to break out of the Gibson® mould. Comes with OHSC - went to Bruce

ABBA style custom guitar1980's style 'star' guitar made for ABBA revue back in about 1990 - a guitar to hang on the wall as a conversation piece, or even to use occasionally on stage if you don't take yourself too seriously! Rough as guts, cheap as chips, and a lot of fun - the custom-made hard shell case must be worth the asking price alone! - went to Steve

1981 Maton M5 jazz archtop - a very exclusive guitar, with either 7 or 19 having ever been built in total (depending on which account is correct!). A very high end acoustic archtop with a DiMarzio PAF for the ultimate in jazz tones. This is serial #001, and has the name of the designer and probable original owner, Barry Morton, inlayed at the 20th fret. Very original, very rare, very tasty, and comes with OHSC- went to a lucky new owner

1981 Ibanez GB10 - The longest running Artist series guitar from Ibanez, the George Benson GB10 has been produced constantly since 1978. This 1981 model is in truly superb condition, and comes with the original (optional and rare) flight case and warranty card! - went to Jason

Gibson Les Paul Custom1981 Gibson Les Paul Custom - a fantastic original example of the 'Black Beauty' Les Paul Custom, dating from 1981. Comes with original manual, warranty card, and OHSC - went to Sachie in the UK

Fender USA 1981 BulletMint and rare 1981 Fender USA Bullet - truly under-the-bed mint condition is this rare and interesting very early build Bullet. Comes with original untouched inspection tag, warranty card and owner's manual in original Fender USA molded hard case - went to Jayson in the USA

Ibanez AS200 Artist1981 Ibanez AS200 Artist - arguably one of the best guitars ever to come out of Japan. 1981 production puts it right in the golden age. Fitted with genuine Badass bridge for even more sustain, but original tailpiece and bridge are in the pocket of the OHSC - went to Alistair

vintage Hamer Prototype electric guitar1981 Hamer "Prototype" USA-made - another interesting Hamer from their best period. This Prototype was purchased new by a local collector, and has only just been sold to Grouse Guitars. Other than a couple of small chips on the headstock, this guitar is as new. Very collectable and playable! Comes with OHSC - went to Joseph

vintage Maton JB-6 electric guitar1981 Maton JB-6 guitar - yes, the guitar brother to the legendary JB-4 bass. Same construction for maximum tone and sustain, and same era original factory DiMarzios. OHSC, rare and very usable Aussie classic - Serial 196 - went to Jeffery in Illinois, USA

1982 Gibson "The V" Flying V - a very, very rare Gibson Flying V (only 10-12 'The V' models were ever made in Antique Natural finish) in collector-grade condition. A very beautiful guitar! Comes with OHSC - went to Joel

Hamer Special Les Paul Gary Moore1982 Hamer Special USA-made - Gary Moore fans eat your heart out!. Gary owns two of these. This guitar was brought into Australia by a Hamer founder as a promo and was the first of it kind in Australia. It has a mahogany body capped in flamed maple with a set neck, 22-fret rosewood finger board with original Schaller tuners, bridge, saddles and frets. The Humbuckers are special wound Hamer/DiMarzio PAF Humbuckers with DiMarzio electrics. Totally original, and weighs just 3.8kg. Comes with OHSC - went to David

vintage Ibanez Destroyer guitar1982 Ibanez Destroyer II totally original, totally collectable, totally usable in original Candy Apple Red finish. Near mint with OHSC (serial H822735) - went to Troy

1984 Fender D'Aquisto Elite - a really nice example of a highly desirable guitar - the original issue Elite single-pickup archtops that Fender made in a close partnership with Jimmy D'Aquisto (considered by some to be the greatest archtop luthier ever)! This thing looks stunning, feels and plays amazingly well, and sounds unbelievably good! Comes with OHSC - went to Mick

1985 Fender Japan Squier Telecaster - There is nothing more cool than a butterscotch/black guard Tele, and these mid '80s MIJ E-serial Squiers are an amazing guitar at a bargain price. This one is super cool, sounds great, and plays like butter, with plenty of play wear that shows just how good it sounds and plays! Comes with HSC - went to Phil

Fender Japan Contemporary Strat1986 Fender Japan Contemporary Stratocaster - a very good example of a very interesting model which modernised the Strat, and in particular the floating tremolo. Very usable (especially with its H/S/S pickups), very collectable, and very attractive! Comes complete with a period HSC - went to Jesse

1986 Fender American Standard StratVERY RARE 1986 USA-made Fender American Standard Stratocaster - one of the very first hand-made Strats to emerge from the newly set up Fender factory in California following the collapse of US operations in late 1985. Neck date of 1st December 1986 makes this a very collectable instrument! In beautiful condition, and comes with OHSC - went to Rob

Kinman Blueprint vintage Strat copy1986 Kinman "Blueprint" '50s Strat® copy - awesome Aussie-made high quality guitar made by renowned luthier Chris Kinman, who later went on to specialise in his legendary Kinman noiseless pickups. Very original, very collectable, very distinctive!! - went to Ian

Maton 12-string electric1986 Maton custom 12-string electric - amazing instrument, giving the widest range of tones imaginable from its three stacked humbucker pickups, plus piezo pickup under the bridge for straight acoustic sounds. Actually quite famous, having been used on recordings and live by Killing Heidi, Powderfinger and also the Mannikins to name a few. Made for Brad Clarke (of The Mannikins) before he went out to found Cole Clark guitars. Comes with OHSC - went to Nathan

1987 Fender American Standard Strat - From the first year of production, and with desirable 1984 serial number, is this made-in-the-USA Stratocaster. Previously owned by Yothu Yindi, this very original guitar in its OHSC has barely any play wear. A really nice Fender USA vintage (25+yo) Strat at a very affordable price! - went to Nik

1987 Greco copy of a Gretsch 61201987 Greco K-FA-ORN copy of a Gretsch 6120 - absolutely stunning! This is much more like a true vintage Gretsch than ANY of the Japanese Gretsches I have played, in every way. Extremely rare, extremely beautiful, and complete with OHSC! - went to Simon

1987 Rickenbacker 340 Jetglo1987 Rickenbacker 340/6 in Jetglo - a great example of a great guitar. Very original, very low-mileage, and in the desirable Jetglo finish. Complete with OHSC - went to Gerry

Gibson ES-335SC Showcase Edition1988 stunning and RARE Gibson ES-335SC Showcase Edition - an extremely rare guitar (only 250 made back in April 1988) which is gobsmackingly stunning in the flesh, and in incredible unplayed condition. Complete with OHSC - went to Simon

1989 Fender Eric Clapton Strat1989 Fender Eric Clapton Signature Series Strat - Made in the USA in 1989 is this original version of the Clapton Stratocaster, with its Lace Sensor pickups and active mid boost, and fantastic-feeling vintage 'V' profile neck. A great guitar, beautifully played-in and original. Comes with original orange plush-lined tweed HSC - went to Malcolm in Channel Islands, UK

Greco Les Paul1989 Greco Mint Collection Les Paul® - A fantastic high-end Greco for you southpaws! Long tenon neck join, 2-piece solid Maple cap on a Mahogany body, all the usual high-end details that make these stand out even from the Gibsons of the time! - went to Thomas in the USA

1992 Gibson Les Paul® Studio - These stripped-down Les Pauls are great, and this example made in 1992 (serial 90422485) is no exception - went to Kyle in Melbourne

G&L ASAT 1993 guitar1993 G&L Blue Swirl ASAT - I love these 'latter day' Telecaster® style guitars from Leo Fender's final company, G&L (George and Leo). This one's just on 7 lbs in weight, in the stunning blue swirl finish with white pearl pickguard, and in great condition, complete with what I think is the original HSC - went to Malcolm in Channel Islands, UK

1994 Fender Aluminium (Aluminum) Strat - a very rare opportunity to purchase a very rare and unique guitar! Genuine 1994 Fender (Marty Schulte/Spruce Hill) aluminium body coupled to a stunning Deluxe Fender special run Chrome on Black neck, a very rare USA made neck, with mother of pearl inlay, an LSR roller nut, locking tuners, and chrome headstock logo. A stunning guitar that sounds amazing! Comes in a brand new black plush-lined HSC - went to Mick

1994 Stewart Male custom 3-pickup Telecaster® - Stewart Male passed away in December 2004, but left behind a legacy of exquisitely-built guitars. This stunning Tele, with Brazilian Rosewood board and the most amazing AAAA Birdseye Maple neck, is up there with the best of them. Serial number 53. It's very difficult to let this guitar go! - went to Mark

Fender Telecaster Jerry Donahue1994 Fender Jerry Donahue signature Telecaster - made in Japan, as new condition, these JD Teles are awesome, with their vintage V neck, Stratocaster neck pickup and special Bridge pickup, plus special 5-way switching. Hard to find, and very collectible - went to Dieter in Germany

Orville by Gibson SG1995 Orville (Gibson Japan) SG - these MIJ guitars are rapidly becoming harder to get, with prices soaring in the past few years as guitarists realise what a truly great guitar Gibson was making in Japan under their Orville brand name! This is a great example of this - an awesome SG made from top-quality timbers with incredible workmanship. Comes with HSC - went to Chris

Guild Artist Award archtop electric guitar1995 Guild® Artist Award jazz archtop in blonde. A mint low serial number example of the pinnacle of the luthier's art with OHSC (serial AA000078) - went to Neale

Gibson L-4CES1997 Gibson L-4 CES carved top archtop electric - Made in the USA in 1997 is this beautiful high-end version of the ES-175, with solid carved Spruce top and Maple back and sides, bound Ebony fretboard and gold-plated hardware. Stunning in Wine Red. Comes with OHSC - went to Ian

Fender Will Ray Jazz-A-Caster1997 Fender Will Ray Jazz-A-Caster - here is a guitar that will have you grinning from ear to ear - it's FUN! Two hot Jazzmaster pickups, 4-way switching, individual tone controls, hip-operated B-bender, and a stunning gold leaf finish under the clear lacquer. Number 45 from a limited edition of only 250! - went to Simon

Gibson Les Paul Standard black1997 Gibson Les Paul Standard - a one-owner under-the-bed extremely low-mileage Les Paul in stunning black finish. With all original documentation, hang tag and OHSC - went to Gerry

1999 Gibson Les Paul Special - If you're looking for a guitar that's big on tone, and small on bling, the Les Paul Special with its subtle, yet elegant look, Mahogany tonewood, two P-90 pickups and pretty-well nothing else, is very hard to beat! A model introduced in 1955, but this 1999 re-make is a lot more affordable! - went to Kyle

Gibson ES-335 Dot2000 Gibson ES-335 Dot - a gorgeous exampleof an all-time classic from Gibson. This Dot reissue (ESDT-335) has the most lovely flame through its maple body - check out the pics! Complete with original documentation and OHSC - went to Adrian

Danelectro longhorn guitarlin2000 (approx) Danelectro 'longhorn' guitarlin reissue - a super-cool Dano longhorn guitar with a full two-octave neck! Grouse colour, virtually unplayed condition, and complete with HSC - went to Chris

2001 Gerard Gilet custom Telecaster® - One fastidious owner, and barely played before I purchased this stunning hand-made Tele® from Sydney's Gerard Gilet, one of my favourite Aussie luthiers. Comes with Hiscox HSC - went to a collector in Sydney

2001 Rickenbacker 3302001 Rickenbacker 330 - The classic Rick 330 model needs no introduction. This recent example is in stunning condition - barely played. Comes with OHSC - went to Brett

Fender Custom Shop '51 Nocaster2002 build Fender Custom Shop '51 NOS Nocaster (Tele) with all the goodies (SN R1969) - went to Duncan

2003 (approx) Gilet electric Map resonator - a totally unique guitar custom-made for Dom Turner of The Backsliders in around 2003. It can be seen on the Backsliders website. Super cool, and in gigged but good condition with original soft/hard case that enables it to be taken as hand luggage on a plane - went to Mark

2003 Richards archtop - a great guitar from Sandy Richards in Victoria. Very subtle arching of the laminated top and back, and playablity and tone you wouldn't believe! Great fun, a great axe. - went to Martin

2004 Epiphone '63 Firebird VII re-issue - a seriously cool guitar for a bargain price! Comes with OHSC also in as-new condition. - went to Dean

2004 Gibson Firebird V - I really love the original 1963 shape of the 'Reverse' Firebirds, and this is a lovely reissue from 2004. Great looks, great tone, great condition, great price! Comes with OHSC - went to Hayden

Epiphone Airscreamer guitar2004 New Old Stock Epiphone Airscreamer - an absolute scream, yet a perfectly serious guitar! Officially licensed by the Airstream caravan manufacturers. Not a vintage, but destined to become a collectible, so get in on the ground floor and have some fun in the meantime! New Old Stock, comes with original custom "Airscreamer" gig bag - went to John in the USA

2006 Gretsch G6138 Bo Diddley - back in 1958 Gretsch built a one-off 'box' guitar for Bo Diddley, and this is a stunning reissue of that guitar. Amazingly attractive in the flesh, and in unplayed, collector condition! Comes with OHSC and all documentation - went to Brook

2007 Danelectro Pro limited edition - these are amongst the coolest-looking guitars ever made, but the '59-'63 originals were just 3/4 size with a 21 inch scale and just one pickup. In 2007 Danelectro did a limited release of an updated Pro (also known as the Flintstone or Bowtie model) with a full 25 inch scale, two pickups, vintaged hardware and trim. Already an instant collector's item, this is a very rare New Old Stock example in the coolest of cool colours, Tangerine. Comes with Dano gig bag - went to Chris

2009/10 Glennalum hollowbody aluminium Telecaster® - Hollow aluminium guitars are a lot of fun! Awesome tones, no hum (perfect shielding), and stage presence like nothing else. This is an Aussie handmade tone bargain! - went to Matthew