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1957 Fender Precision Bassearly 1957 Fender Precision Bass - a beautiful old P-bass, with characteristics of both the original 1951-54 model and the 'modern' post-June '57 model. Both body and neck dated March 1957, and serial number is -20072. Body professionally refinished more than 20 years ago, now ageing beautifully. Original hardware. These are VERY rare and ultra cool basses! 3.6 kilos of pure Mojo! Comes with Fender tweed case - went to Geoffrey

vintage Hoyer bass1950s or '60s Hoyer bass - be different!! This is one super-quirky, very individual bass. Very rare, very interesting, very cool, and in very bad taste! - went to Dan

Teisco BA-2 bass1960 (approx) Teisco BA-2 semi-acoustic short-scale bass - delightful time-capsule short scale bass which looks and plays great! - went to Lorenzo in Italy

1960s Crucianelli Elite teardrop bass1960s Italian-made Crucianelli Elite fretless teardrop bass - yes, a very interesting instrument that both looks amazing and could be a lot of fun. The bass has been professionally de-fretted, which, with the fully hollow body, sounds very close to a double bass when amplified - went to Ken

vintage Aria violin Beatle bass1960s Aria Violin (Beatle) Bass, in perfect collector's condition with OHSC (serial 2146340) went to Geof

1964 Fender P-bass1964 L-series Fender Precision Bass - in original Custom finish Candy Apple Red. A stunning 2-owner bass, in incredible condition, and totally original in every tiny detail, right down to the original case with its 2 keys and strap in the pocket! Was on sale at The Bass Player in Sydney (before it folded) at $27,000, and comes with a written valuation from Jacksons Rare Guitars of $29,990 - went to Dayna in the USA

1964/5 National Newport bass - now here's something different for you lovers of Retro! This bass also had its moment of fame on a film clip by The Angels! Extremely original, lightweight, and with just a 25 inch scale, but sounds awesome! - went to Lorenzo in Italy

vintage Vox Phantom bass1965 Vox Phantom Mk IV Bass, white, original and rare!! - went to Connecticut, USA

Maton Mastersound bass 1965 Maton Mastersound MS1100 Bass, in the most characterful, vintage-vibe condition you could imagine!! - went to a collector in Melbourne

1966 Fender Jazz Bass - if you are looking for a genuine, collector-grade 1960s vintage Fender Jazz Bass, move quickly on this one, as it is only being offered for sale for a limited time before I withdraw it and add it to my personal collection! Dead original in all respects, and comes with OHSC - went to Billy

Hofner 500/1 Beatle Bass1966 Hofner 500/1 Beatle bass - a very original and low-mileage example with the highly-regarded 'staple' pickups - a beautiful vintage bass! Comes with OHSC - went to Chris

vintage Vox Wyman bass 1966 VOX Wyman 'teardrop' bass, in fantastic condition - totally restored by Australia's best, comes in original vintage hard case. - went to Geoffrey

1967 Guild Starfire Bass1967 Guild Starfire bass - a very original and low-mileage example of a bass that is surprisingly important in the development of bass in Rock music. Fantastic sound, looks, playability and investment potential, and with the coolest original case! - went to Martin

vintage Maton Sapphire semi-acoustic bass guitar1967 Maton Sapphire semi-acoustic bass - model 402/4, in glorious under-the-bed condition. This is a very early example - serial 265 - and Maton records indicate only 60 of these original 1967/8 models were made. It comes complete with its original case and strap! - went to Richard in The Netherlands

Teisco Mosrite-influenced bass1968 (approx) Teisco Mosrite-style bass - made-in-Japan Teisco copy of a Mosrite bass. Dead original, and has the highly sought-after Gold Foil pickups (Ry Cooder would love this bass!) - went to Cristobal in Chile

Maton El Toro1968 (approx) Maton El Toro Bass - a beautiful example of this highly-collectable and distinctive model from Maton. Very rare, with only 45 ever made! Comes with OHSC - went to Ken

vintage Hofner violin Beatle bass 1968 Hofner "Beatle" bass, a great old original! Great investment and player in one - went to Byron

vintage Fender Telecaster bass1968 Fender Telecaster Bass, awesome with OHSC (serial 236095) - went to Richard in The Netherlands

vintage Fender Jazz Bass1968 Fender Jazz Bass, one owner since 1971! Body was refinished back in the late '70s, but otherwise gloriously original and complete. Comes with OHSC - went to Dave

vintahe Maton L101 Lute bass1968 Maton L-101 Lute Bass, one very cool limited edition (102 made) semi-acoustic bass from Maton. Changed tuners for tuning stability, but otherwise dead original and in great condition! - this bass sounds awesome through the Goldentone 18" piggyback! - went to Greg

1969 Fender Telecaster Bass - Telecaster Basses are my favourite Fender bass model, and are effectively Fender's first 're-issue', as they are almost exactly the same as the first Precision Bass Leo designed and started producing way back in 1951. This is a very original example, and displays plenty of very cool play wear and ageing. Case is an earlier '60s non-logo Fender tolex case - went to Billy

1969 Fender Jazz Bass1969 Fender Jazz Bass - this will definitely be one of my favourite gigging basses until it sells! Street cred by the truckload, and playability and sound to die for. Aftermarket pickups fitted by the previous owner, but I have to admit they're damn good! - went to Martin

1969 Ampeg Dan Armstrong bass1969 Ampeg Dan Armstrong clear lucite bass - this would be one of the best of these very rare short-scale plexiglass basses in existence. Early build number D757A, fantastic condition, and with OHSC - went to Norman in Chicago, Illinois, USA

Kasuga lawsuit copy  of Rickenbacker 40011970s Kasuga Japan lawsuit copy of a Rickenbacker® 4001® bass - a very rare instrument, with MIJ quality and attention to detail. Get the looks of the real thing at a fraction of the cost, and it's super-cool and collectable in its own right! - went to Greg in Canada

1970 Gibson EB-3 Bass - I always maintain that every bassist should try a vintage Gibson bass at least once - they are a lot of fun, and in my opinion unfairly maligned. Awesome tones available, and extremely playable with the 30" scale and slender Rosewood fretboard. Jack Bruce of Cream sure knew how good these basses were! Rare slotted-headstock version, and very original bass sold new in Australia. Comes with OHSC - went to Pete

1971 Fender Musicmaster Bass - a delightful short-scale bass - just 30" scale; perfect for the small-handed bassist. Very early example of a model which ran from 1971 until 1981. Dead original, right down to the Owner's Manual still in the OHSC. A gem! - went to Geof

Fender Bass VI1971 Fender VI bass - a very, very rare instrument in absolutely superb original condition. Sold new in Melbourne from Clemes Musical Services in Russell St, still in its mint Aussie Stamford case, with original manuals, documentation, strap, tremolo bar, bridge covers and mute - went to Jason

Fender P-bass 19711971 Fender Precision Bass in Sonic Blue! - a beautiful lightweight (just 3.9kg!!) bass from the very early '70s which still displays '60s characteristics. Aged and slightly faded refinish in Sonic Blue, awesome tone and playability. Pickups are original October 1966!! Replacement pickguard. Comes with HSC -went to Byron Luiters, and it's since been his favourire recording and gigging bass

vintage Maton Fender Telecaster Bass copy1972 Maton B-250 Goldline (Telecaster®) Bass, I've been looking for one of these for years - there were only ever 66 made - and then uncovered two in Sydney! This one - serial number 30 - is in a translucent walnut finish, and is in the later dual-cutaway body style. All dead original and in good condition, in OHSC - went to Phil

1973 (approx) Ibanez 2387B bass - super cool 'lawsuit era' Flying V bass made in Japan by Ibanez. Looks amazing, sounds great! Dare to be different! Comes with worn OHSC - went to Tony

vintage Fender Telecaster Bass 1973 Fender Telecaster Bass series II - seriously cool and seriously solid, thumping bass from its Seth Lover humbucking pickup. These have been a real sleeper, but players and collectors alike are now realising what a great bass these Tele Basses are! Comes with tweed hard shell case - went to Russell

1975 Gretsch 7606 Broadkaster - by the time Gretsch had an answer for Fender's P-bass, in 1975, it was probably too late. However, these are really nice basses, and just that bit different. Made in the USA in 1975 (first year of the '75-'79 production) and fitted with a stunning TV Jones Thundertron pickup, this is a very affordable, very playable, great-sounding '70s USA bass! The original pickup is in the OHSC - went to Peter in Canada

1975 Rickenbacker 4001 - these Ric-o-sound stereo basses are legendary, with great looks and an unmistakeable, powerful sound. This is a very nice example from a deceased estate, complete with OHSC - went to Adam

1975 Fender Precision Bass - a nice low-mileage Fender P-bass in original custom Black finish. Has an absolutely glorious Rosewood fingerboard. Owned by previous owner for 30 years, but for last 20 years sat untouched in her wardrobe! Comes with '67-'72 Fender hard shell case and original Fender strap! - went to Tony

vintage 1975 Fender P-bass1975 Fender P-bass in factory custom Dakota Red - a very interesting bass, as it was factory-fitted with full Schaller hardware throughout! Awesome output from the adjustable-pole p'ups, and Schaller/Hipshot D-tuner on the E string - went to Simon

Rickenbacker 4001 stereo bass1975 Rickenbacker 4001 stereo bass - a beautifully original example of a truly grouse bass. Original 4001 basses are very hard to find, and this is a corker. Complete with its very tidy OHSC - went to Nigel

1975 Maton BS Sullivan bass - a very, very rare bass which preceded the legendary JB4 bass from Maton. Barry 'Big Goose' Sullivan was a huge part of Australia's Rock and Blues heritage, and Maton issued just 25 of these basses in 1975. This is serial 007! Comes with OHSC - went to a collector in Sydney

1976 Ibanez 'lawsuit' copy of a Rickenbacker 4001® bass - a fantastic example of why the 'lawsuit' guitars from Japan are now so sought after! - went to Tony

vintage Fender Precision bass 19761976 Fender Precision bass in exceptional condition. Original factory custom Fiesta Red finish makes this beauty stand out. For 20 years this bass has sat in its case in a wardrobe. Comes with vintage Aussie Stamford hard case - went to Billy

Gretsch Broadkaster 7605 bass1976 Gretsch 7605 Broadkaster bass - a stunner, in as-new condition despite its 30+ years of age. With original documentation and mint original case - went to Wayne

1976 Fender P-bass1976 Fender Precision Bass - this is an extremely low-mileage and dead original '70s vintage Fender bass. Virtually no play wear, no fading of its original Sunburst finish, and a nice light weight for a '70s Ash-bodied P-bass. Perfect for either the musician or investor! Comes with original owners handbook and OHSC - went to Graeme

1976 Gibson Thunderbird Bicentennial bass1976 Gibson Thunderbird Bicentennial bass, only made in 1976, reverse body, 34 1/2" scale, all original except input jack. Case, 2 pickups, pickguard with red & blue Centennial Thunderbird figure, 3-point adjustable bridge/tailpiece, and vintage sunburst finish all original - went to Nigel in Cornwall in the UK

1976 Fender Precision Bass1976 Fender Precision bass in beautifully aged original factory custom Olympic White finish. In glorious, gently 'reliced' condition - went to David

1977 Fender Precision Bass - Just one very careful owner since 1977, when his father bought it for him as a gift in Austin, Texas. He brought it to Australia when he emigrated, and the bass has been barely played since. Stunning condition, and comes with its OHSC, all case candy, period curly cord and strap, and even the owner's original instruction books!- went to Graeme

1977 Gibson G3 bass1977 Gibson G3 bass - an extremely well-kept and original example of the G3, with the optional Maple body adding to the punchy sound of the single-coil pickups. Comes with OHSC - went to Mitch in New Zealand

1977 Gibson G3 bass1977 Gibson G3 bass - these awesome basses powered early AC/DC, Green Day and ELO! Three single-coils wired in humbucking configuration give these great Gibsons heaps of punch; you will LOVE the sound and playability - went to Rod

Aria Pro II left Ric 4001S copy1977 Aria Pro II lawsuit copy of a Rickenbacker® 4001S (Paul McCartney) bass - left-handed, in mint, NOS condition is this stunning MIJ lawsuit copy of a Rickenbacker® 4001S bass as played by Paul McCartney in The Beatles days. Ridiculously accurate copy, made from top-grade tonewoods and with legendary Japanese workmanship. Comes with OHSC - went to Neil

1977 Fender Precision Bass - the famous Fender P-bass needs no introduction, having powered probably 90% of popular music since its inception all those decades ago. The '70s vintage Fenders are shooting up in value. Comes with a brand new HSC - went to Graeme

1977 Greco J-bass copy1977 Greco lawsuit copy of a Fender® Jazz Bass® - this Made in Japan (MIJ) Greco Electric Bass is a superb copy, using great quality Ash for the body and Maple for the neck. You'd swear this was a vintage USA guitar, except for the name! 4kg weight, awesome looks, playability and sound. Grecos from this era are amongst my favourite instruments! - went to Geoff

1977 Ibanez 'lawsuit' copy of Fender P/J bass fitted with EMGs - a delightful and professionally and sensitively upgraded lawsuit era bass which is gorgeous to look at, to play, and to listen to! Original Olympic White finish is ageing beautifully, and active EMG pickups have been professionally installed. Comes supplied with HSC - fantastic performance-per-dollar - went to Kim

1977 Ibanez Black Eagle bass1977 Ibanez 2609B Black Eagle bass - very individual bass which has a bit of a cult following. Nirvana's bassist, Krist Novoselic, used one, and so can you at this price! went to Daniel in Sweden

vintage Fender Jazz Bass1977 Fender Jazz Bass, The best, most mint vintage Fender Jazz Bass we've ever seen. Resplendent in original factory Olympic White with white neck binding and white pearl block inlays - STUNNING! Comes with mint OHSC - went to Norman, then resold at Jacksons for a premium!

1978 Greco lawsuit copy of a Rickenbacker® 4001® bass - this must be the best example of arguably the most accurate of the 'lawsuit' Japanese copies in existence. Faultless, mint condition, and stunningly accurate. Extremely collectable! Comes with OHSC, which is also mint - went to Gus

Fender P-bass Oly White1978 Fender Precision Bass Olympic White - a very cool vintage Fender P-bass in one of my favourite custom colours - Olympic White! Comes with OHSC, and written valuation from Jackson's Rare Guitars - went to Steve

Aria Pro II Primary Bass1978 Aria Pro II lawsuit copy of a Fender® Jazz Bass® - a fantastic 'lawsuit' copy from the Matsumoko factory. In stunning condition, and extremely playable, collectable and affordable! - went to Chris

1978 Fender Jazz Bass1978 Fender Jazz Bass - this is a player, with bucketloads of street cred. Bargain-basement way to get into owning and playing a '70s vintage Fender bass, and it looks cooler than anything on the planet! Pickups are later replacements (previous owner advises they are Fender American Standard), and bridge seems to have been replaced by a correct pattern item as well (as the saddle adjustment screws aren't rusted solid!). Comes with OHSC - went to Ron

Fernandes lawsuit P-basslate 1970s MIJ Fernandes 'lawsuit' P-bass® - a really nice bass, made at the height of the 'lawsuit' copy era by a highly-regarded Japanese manufacturer. Great looks, playability, weight and tone from the Ash-bodied, Maple-necked beauty. Very low miles, and comes with its original and extremely rare black tolex plush-lined case!- went to Kim

1980 (approx) Tokai Jazz Sound - early 'lawsuit' Tokai instruments (pre-1982) are becoming legendary as their qualities are appreciated. Stevie Ray Vaughan himself realised back in the early 1980s! This is a collector-grade Jazz Sound (1960s Fender® Jazz Bass® copy) which comes with its OHSC - went to Tom

1980 Greco copy of Rickenbacker® 4001® bass - an amazing-sounding bass, with Seymour Duncan humbuckers and high-grade electronics. Extremely high-quality 'lawsuit' copy from the height of the lawsuit period, but with amazing period mods that make this bass sound like nothing else! Amazing tone, and super-cool looks and playability - went to David

1980 Ibanez Roadster bass1980 left-handed RS-924TVI Ibanez Roadster bass - a great low-mileage example of a great model.Awesome quality right through, and switchable passive or active operation. Comes with OHSC - went to Paolo in Italy

vintage Maton JB-4 bass guitar 1980s Maton JB-4 bass - just after we sold 'old faithful' (see here) we were offered another JB4 - almost identical. Slightly later build (mid '80s), has 'studio' option of additional balanced output jack. With OHSC - went to Martin in New Zealand

1981 Peavey T-40 Bass - proudly made in the USA, and dripping quality. These (along with the T-60 6-string guitars) are one of the best-kept secrets in vintage American basses. Great tones, great playability. A low-mileage example, complete with its bulletproof OHSC - went to Chris

Maton JB-4 bass1981 Maton JB-4 bass with interesting history and OHSC (serial 472) - went to a collector in Brisbane

Tokai Hondo twin neck 1981 twin-neck 4/8 string bass MIJ by Tokai for Hondo. This is in mint condition .Made in Japan by Tokai for the Hondo Corporation in 1980/81. It comes in its original case. U.S.-made Dimarzio pickups are standard equipment. - went to Ryan

1982 Gibson Ripper bass1982 Gibson Ripper bass - these are rippers in every sense of the word! Extremely versatile, giving tones from thunderous bass through to quite delicate 'quacky' tones. This example with factory Ebony finish (with Ebony fretboard) dates from the last year of production - went to Richard in the UK

1982 Maton JBIV bass1982 Maton JBIV (JB4) bass - these are fantastic basses, which rarely come up for sale because the owners simply hang on to them! P/J pickup configuration and awesome construction, tonewoods, hardware and electrics make these extremely usable basses.! Comes with OHSC - went to Chris

vintage Maton JB-4 bass guitar 1982 Maton JB-IV bass!! - yes, another one! Modified back in the '80s with active EMG pickups, and a doubling of the Jazz® pickup to even up the balance. A truly awesome player's bass with tone and playability that will not disappoint!. With OHSC - went to Phillip

G&L L1000 Leo Fender bass1984 'Leo Fender' era G&L L1000 fretless bass (son of Musicman) - These fantastic basses were the next progression in the evolution of the Fender Bass after Leo left Musicman, where he designed the legendary Stingray bass. The L1000 was the first bass Leo designed after founding G&L in the late '70s, and is often referred to as 'son of Musicman'. Great selection of passive sounds, beautiful FRETLESS bass with Ebony fingerboard and resonant Mahogany body, totally original and in OHSC - went to Matt in Sydney

Greco lawsuit Gibson EB3L copy1987 Greco 'lawsuit' copy of Gibson® EB-3L long-scale bass - a beautiful example of a great 'lawsuit' bass guitar from the Golden Age of Japanese manufacturing - went to Vernon in New Zealand

Greco copy of a Rickenbacker bass1990 Greco Japan 'lawsuit' copy of a Rickenbacker® 4001® bass - in well-played but good condition. Greco made some of the best 'lawsuit' copies in Japan, and this bass is a corker. Comes with HSC - went to Derek in New Zealand

Gibson Thunderbird IV bass1990 Gibson Thunderbird IV bass - by far the most highly desirable and collectable bass model ever made by Gibson. This 1990 example is super tidy, all-original in its original case. Dynamite sounds and looks - went to Thaddeus in New Zealand

Greco SAC-100FL hollow fretless bass1990 Greco fretless hollow acoustic/electric bass - We have NEVER seen nor heard of these before - a stunning fully hollow bass with laminated maple top and neck, solid mahogany body and Fender® Precision Bass® pickup and under-bridge active piezo pickup so you can blend sounds from full electric to full acoustic. This bass will be the closest you'll ever get to the sound of an upright bass. Made in the same factory as the Fender® version we sold to a Victorian recording artist recently, who is extremely enthusiastic about its sound! - went to Will

MIJ Fender hollow P-bass1990 Fender Japan Hollowbody Precision Bass - an opportunity to get a very rare Fender Japan bass. This is the fretted brother to the fretless Greco listed below!. It has a hollow solid Mahogany body with solid Spruce acoustic top, and fully active electronics including piezo bridge pickup and Lace Sensor P-bass pickups for everything from classic P-bass through to acoustic bass sounds - went to Robert in Germany

Fender fretless hollowbody P-bass1990 Fender Japan fretless hollowbody acoustic/electric Precision Bass - a very rare Fender Japan bass. Made in 1990 (and only available as a special order) with fretless neck, hollow Mahogany body with solid Spruce acoustic top, and fully active electronics including piezo bridge pickup for all those acoustic and double-bass sounds. Amazing, and in perfect condition! - went to Peter

Fender Japan Precision Bass hollowbody1990 Fender Japan fretted hollowbody acoustic/electric Precision Bass - an opportunity to get a very rare Fender Japan bass. This is the fretted brother to the fretless version we just sold. It has a hollow solid Mahogany body with solid Spruce acoustic top, and fully active electronics including piezo bridge pickup for all those acoustic bass sounds - went to Dave

Grubisa bass1990s Frank Grubisa custom-made Tearbyrd bass - incredible quality and total individuality set this bass by renowned Sydney luthier Frank Grubisa apart. Active EMG pickups with custom active circuitry make this extremely adaptable for all musical styles. Dare to be different! Comes with HSC - went to Steve

1993 Gibson Les Paul Special Bass - these Bartolini-pickup basses are a great version of Gibson's Les Paul bass range, and were only made in the early 1990s. All black with Ebony fretboard and black hardware and Bartolinis. Comes in an Epiphone tolex case - went to Andrew

1993/94 Fender '51 P-Bass re-issue - an early issue '51 P-bass re-issue from Fender Japan. One of the earliest MIJ reissues, which began in 1994. Comes in a late 1960s Fender tolex case - went to Geoff

Kubicki Factor 5 bass guitar1994 Philip Kubicki Factor 5 bass - the best bass in the world? Many bassists think so. This one is just number 11 off the production line from the Santa Barbara workshop, in November '94, the year of the introduction of the Factor series. This bass is MINT MINT MINT!!! - went to Billy

Fender fretless P-bass1995 Fender fretless Precision Bass USA made - a truly gorgeous bass in phenomenal condition. This bass has the fretless 'growl' more than any other fretless we've ever played. Black is beautiful! - went to Beelee

Ken Smith bass1999 Ken Smith BSR 'B' Custom 4-string bass - absolutely as-new. Stunning timbers from their in-house timber yard, and playability and sound to match. The Custom was the highest-spec (and priced) model of the BSR series, now discontinued. Comes with OHSC - went to Jeff in the USA

2002 Fender Jazz Bass - a stunning looking and sounding Jazz Bass from Fender Japan. Just look at the quality of the timbers, and the craftsmanship! Truss rod issues (read description). I gig and love this bass as-is - went to Martin

2002-06 Fender '51 P-Bass re-issue - a highly sought after re-issue of Leo Fender's original Precision Bass from 1951. It took Fender Japan to finally come up with these re-issues, a model that has now been discontinued - went to Geof

Greco VB-100 Beatles bass2003 Greco VB-100 'Beatles' bass - in unplayed, NOS condition is this stunning MIJ Greco copy of a Hofner 'Beatle bass'. Ridiculously accurate copy, made from top-grade tonewoods and with legendary Japanese workmanship. Comes with OHSC - Sold to Shon

Neil Shoemark Royale fretless2007 Neil Shoemark (UK) Royale Carve Top custom fretless bass - a very high-grade custom-built fretless bass from NS Custom Guitars in the UK. Kent Armstrong pickups plus phenomenal quality tonewoods add up to a tone bargain! - went to Shane

2008 Cort SJB5F acoustic bass - a great acoustic/electric bass from Cort, with Super Jumbo body (Solid Spruce top with Mahogany back, sides and neck), with great electronics. - went to Dave