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1899 (approx) Bauer acoustic - an absolutely charming USA-made 19th century parlour-sized guitar which sounds unbelievable. Truly angelic in its sweetness and detail. Brazilian Rosewood back and sides and American Oak top, with a Mahogany neck and Ebony fingerboard. Comes with HSC - went to Andrew

1930s (approx) Honduras Mahogany parlour acoustic - a very sweet 'O' sized USA-made guitar (maker unknown) probably dating from the 1930s. A very playable, beautiful-sounding (and pretty!) guitar. Solid Honduras Mahogany top, back and sides. A bargain vintage acoustic! - went to Daniel

vintage dobro resonator guitar1937 Dobro No. 25 resonator, a genuine pre-war USA wood-body Regal-made Dobro! Tone to die for - serial L9177 - went to Miranda

vintage Grimshaw resonator guitar1940s Grimshaw "Revelation" - super rare and mint very early 1940s guitar made in London by Emile Grimshaw, with an extra 'resonator' cavity like a banjo! - went to Jeffrey in the USA

1940s German Marcelli mandolin - a charming and extremely original bowlback mandolin, with beautiful inlay work and all solid timbers. Sounds and plays as great as it looks! Comes with OHSC - went to Nick

Wayne lapsteel resonator1940s Australian-made Wayne resonator lap-steel - here's a very interesting old Aussie single-cone! Made by Wayne back in the 1940s or early 1950s, this lapsteel sounds great and has stacks of vintage mojo! Comes with HSC - went to Mitch

1947 Maton G210  Goldtone archtop1947 Maton Goldtone G210 archtop - a very, very early Maton, made the year after the company was formed. Interesting construction, with a carved solid Spruce top, and what seems to be Maple neck and sides, and Walnut back! - went to Steve

1947 Martin 000-281947 Martin 000-28 Sitka Spruce/Brazilian Rosewood - a lovely example of a highly desirable vintage Martin. Sensitively restored by Gerard Gilet over 20 years ago for daughter of original owner - went to a new owner in Sydney

1950 Maton F210 Supreme - the earliest Supreme ever seen at Grouse Guitars, being a rare F210 model which preceded the F240. Only 203 ever produced between 1947 and 1952. A much-loved and much-played vintage Maton. Totally Supreme! Comes with its OHSC - went to Dave

1950s Framus 'Black Rose' - probably the sexiest f-hole design ever! Very beautiful archtop probably dating from the very early 1950s from the German Framus company. Comes with OHSC - went to Gary

1950s Hoyer archtop - a very attractive and stylish German archtop, in truly astounding condition. Comes with OHSC - went to Peter

Wayne single-cone resonator1950s Australian-made Wayne resonator - here's another very interesting old Aussie single-cone! Made by Wayne back in the 1950s , this single-cone reso sounds great and has stacks of vintage mojo! Great for a collector or working musician - went to Bill

Stradivarius Special by Matonearly 1950s Stradivarius Special by Maton - a delightful and extremely original student guitar dating from the early 1950s, and made by Maton. Very collectable! - went to Paul

rare 1951 vintage Maton HG25 acoustic guitar1951 Maton 'Professional' HG25 flat-top - here is a super-rare early Maton acoustic, a solid-timber model made only between 1950 and 1952. Just one owner until we bought it! - went to Peter

vintage Harmony guitar1951 Harmony 1213 archtop - beautifully original made-in-the-USA archtop. Very affordable - went to Gareth

1952 Gibson SJ-2001952 Gibson SJ-200, the king of flat tops and from Gibson's golden era. It came to us with an integral pickup fitted and a later (also '60s) pickguard, but otherwise in beautifully original condition, and in its original 1952 Gibson hard case. Just had a full neck reset, glorious top refinish, and correct genuine Gibson bridge and pickguard fitted by Jim and Merv Cargill - it's STUNNING! Serial A10277, F.O.N. 9733, and I have been contacted by a previous owner of this guitar, who informs me the guitar was once owned by Slash, of Guns n' Roses! - went to lucky new owner in Melbourne

1954 Levin Royal1954 Levin Royal archtop - what a stunning guitar! Loads of presence with its extrovert headstock design, top quality solid carved timbers throughout, and just fitted with a Fishman bridge/pickup assembly to enable it to be amplified for professional use. Comes with OHSC - went to Martin

1955 vintage Maton archtop acoustic1955 Maton Deluxe Goldtone G210 archtop - a stunning blonde beauty - very low mileage original vintage Maton. Neck reset and Fishman pickup by Jim Cargill for this very high quality solid timber acoustic archtop - went to John

1956 Maton F240 Supreme archtop - the earliest F240 Supreme I have yet come across, and one of the best! Superb original condition, and barely played. Very playable, very usable, very collectable. A really nice archtop with solid timbers throughout - went to Steve

1957 Maton F240 Supreme - a nice early non-cutaway Supreme, in totally original condition. These were a popular model for Maton, and for good reason! Comes with OHSC - went to Gary

Vintage Levin guitar 1957 Levin folk/classical guitar in original case in MINT condition - a lovely little guitar from this highly-regarded Swedish builder before Martin bought Levin out. Bought new in Sydney in 1957 and barely played since! - went to Ian

1958 Levin 335 archtop with added pickup - my very first archtop, purchased 2nd-hand nearly 30 years ago, was a Levin 335 exactly like this one. But it was in much worse shape than this 1958-made gem! Has had a quality PAF-style humbucker professionally fitted at some stage, making it an ideal jazzbox! Solid, hand-carved Spruce top, Maple back and sides, Mahogany/Ebony neck, and a gorgeous Rosewood fretboard make this a grouse vintage jazzbox at a bargain price. Comes with OHSC - went to George

1958 Harmony 1310 archtop solid carved spruce/maple with HSC. This was Harmony's top model - highly sought after by collectors and players alike! '50s Gibson quality and tone at 1/4 the price - went to Kyle

vintage Ibanez archtop guitar1958 Ibanez Salvador MINT archtop with original documents and OHSC - rare, stunning, and mint/as-new beyond belief! What a gem! - went to John

vintage Maton archtop guitar1958 Maton Supreme F240 acoustic archtop (serial 1007) with OHSC - MINT time capsule!!! - went to Keith.

1959 Maton F240 Supreme1959 Maton F240 Supreme archtop acoustic - a delightful and dead original example of a nice vintage Maton archtop! Maple back, solid Maple sides and neck with solid carved Spruce top. Virtually no play wear, and perfect neck angle and straightness. A no-issue vintage guitar. Comes with new HSC - went to Steve

1959 Maton Supreme1959 Maton F240 Supreme archtop acoustic with added jazz pickup - a really good example of a successful model for Maton between 1953 and 1962 - the Supreme. This one has had a floating mini-humbucker jazz pickup professionally installed for the previous owner, making it a very good jazz guitar! Maple back, sides and neck with solid carved Spruce top. Comes with OHSC - went to Steve

1960 (approx) Alver by Maton - Alver was the student line of guitars from Maton, and this is a very sweet-sounding and remarkably untouched guitar, with just one previous owner. She received it from her father when she was learning guitar as a young girl, but the lessons went nowhere and the guitar has languished in a cupboard for decades! Comes with its OHSC - went to Marty

Alver by Maton archtop1960 (approx) Alver by Maton - here is an affordable, usable, charming vintage Maton in ridiculously good condition. Definitely collector-grade, right down to its OHSC - went to Steve

Col Joye model acoustic guitar1960s (Japanese-made?) Col Joye acoustic guitar - something for the collector of either early Australian rock'n'roll paraphernalia, or of vintage MIJ guitars. More a collectible than a player, a specific 'Col Joye model' to cash in on the popularity of Col Joye and the Joy Boys, a very popular Aussie band in the 1960s and '70s. Col Joye has indicated that this very model was Tommy Emmanuel's first guitar! - went to Bill

vintage Ibanez nylon string guitar1960s Ibanez vintage classical/folk guitar model 530. I love these early Japanese guitars; quirky, but well-built and great-sounding! - used and marked, but very original - went to Aaron

vintage Maton C-30 classical guitar1962 Maton C-30 Classical guitar. Near mint, one-owner guitar in original case. Extremely rare in this condition - beautiful sounding and playing vintage Maton - went to Friederike in Germany.

vintage Gibson J-501963 Gibson J-50. Very original example sold new in Australia; comes in its original Aussie Stamford hard case. Fantastic tone, playability, and investment potential - went to Tony

vintage Gibson 12-string guitar1965 12-string Gibson B-25-12-N. A lovely and rare 12-stringer made in 1965. Totally original in every respect, and a delight to play. Astounding tone from a very unassuming compact solid Mahogany and Spruce vintage Gibson. Comes with HSC - went to David

1967 Sada Yairi classical - a gorgeous guitar, made in Japan in 1967 by the legendary Sada Yairi. Very collectable, very affordable, very playable! - went to Gerard

Kurosawa classical guitarearly 1970s Kurosawa (Japan) classical guitar - here is a beautiful-sounding and playing guitar that I can find no information about at all! Cedar top, Rosewood back and sides, Mahogany neck, original owner owned for approx 30 years - went to Thai

Epiphone Caballero1970s Epiphone FT-130SB Caballero - a nice example of an early (1970s) made-in-Japan Epiphone acoustic, after parent company Gibson shifted production there. Very sweet-sounding guitar, and great action and playability - went to Nancy in Belgium

Kasuga Hummingbird 12-string1970s Kasuga lawsuit copy of a Hummingbird® 12-string - stunning condition and virtually unplayed. High quality MIJ lawsuit copy. Comes with HSC - went to Adrian

1973 Guild D-50 dreadnought - this Bluegrass Special D-50 guitar sounds fantastic and plays absolutely superbly after a full going-over by Jim Cargill! Solid Spruce and solid Rosewood = solid TONE!! Comes with HSC - went to Tom

1976 Ibanez 698S Concord - this is a LOT of guitar for the money! A top-end made-in-Japan jumbo acoustic from the height of the 'lawsuit' era. This is a vintage Gibson SJ-200 on a plate. Superb, dead-original condition, and comes complete with a very high-quality case. A bargain for both the player and collector! - went to Bob

Ibanez 683 Concord Hummingbird copy1976 Ibanez 683 Concord - a very fine example of the popular lawsuit copy of a Gibson® Hummingbird®. Looks stunning, and plays and sounds just as good too! Will come with a brand new HSC - went to Vaughan

1977 Maton MS1 Messiah1977 Maton MS1 Messiah - surely the best surviving example of the first series (1975-77), of which only 95 were produced. The Messiah has always been at the top end of the Maton tree, and this guitar sure shows why! Very collectable, and with OHSC - went to Sydney buyer

1977 Dobro model 66 - a beautiful one-owner example of the attractive model 66, with the two-tone sandblasted laminated wood body. This was fitted with a very discrete magnetic pickup back in 1977, making this beaut guitar extremely usable! This guitar is near-mint, and comes with original documentation, receipts and near-mint OHSC - went to Stu

Ibanez  684.12 12-string Gibson Hummingbird lawsuit copy1977 Ibanez 684.12 lawsuit Hummingbird® 12-string - solid Spruce top, Mahogany back, sides and neck, and in a beautiful, deep black finish. Dead original and near-mint. Comes with quality HSC - went to Ian

1978 Takamine DB180 single-cone resonator - a beautifully-made instrument from Japan's golden period of guitar-making, and in fantastic condition. A very rare guitar! Comes with period plush-lined hard shell case - went to Gus

1979 Maton FG150/12 - what a beautiful-looking and beautiful-sounding vintage Maton 12-string! Just one careful owner since 1979, all solid wood construction (Sitka Spruce top) and great condition add up to a very collectable and very playable guitar! Comes with OHSC - went to Marcus

1979 Guild D-50 dreadnought - near MINT! - rarely do vintage USA-made high-end acoustics come up in this sort of condition. This solid-timber guitar has been pampered, and is an incredible example of a great model from Guild. Complete with original case, warranty card and key in its original envelope. One you'll keep for life! - went to Mario

1980 Asturias AST-60 - Made in Japan back in May 1980 in the highly-regarded Asturias lutherie. Cedar top, stunning Rosewood back, sides and fingerboard, with a Mahogany neck, this is a stunning-looking and beautiful-sounding classical guitar. Remarkable, collector-grade condition, and comes with OHSC - went to Martin

1980 Ibanez A300BS1980 Ibanez A300BS acoustic - a fantastic example of Japanese craftsmanship in their most highly regarded era. Solid Spruce top, Mahogany back, sides and neck, Brazilian Rosewood fretboard and Ebony bridge. This guitar is dead original and almost unplayed, right down to its OHSC - went to Ian

de Gruchy 12 string acoustic jumbo guitar1980s De Gruchy 12-string dreadnought - an early production handmade guitar from one of Australia's most highly-regarded luthiers. Stunning woods and workmanship, and truly awesome tone. Comes with OHSC - went to new owner in Tasmania

1981 Daion Caribou acoustic/electric - a very distinctive instrument from a very high-quality (if quirky) Japanese maker in the 1980s. Australian band Dragon used one of these. Amazing build quality, and great playability and sound, both acoustically and plugged in. Comes with OHSC - went to Frank

Ibanez R-400 Ragtime Special vintage guitar1981 Ibanez R-400 Ragtime Special - a very rare and individually-styled acoustic with active pickup system. Very reminiscent of Django Reinhardt's Maccaferri Selmer. A very high quality made-in-Japan acoustic in unbelievable condition. Comes with OHSC - went to Rod

Sigma Martin DR-28N1981/2 Sigma Martin (USA-made) DR-28N - a very rare example of a SigmaMartin made in Martin's USA factory! Factory-fitted with Martin Thinline pickup system. A rare gem that just begs to be played! Comes with OHSC - went to Narelle

1982 K.Yairi YC90 classical guitar1982 K.Yairi YC90 with pickup - these handmade-in-Japan guitars from Kazuo Yairi are legendary, and this is a stunning example. Beautiful timbers, incredible craftsmanship and sound and playability to match. Comes with Hiscox Liteflite case - went to Steve

Asturias classical guitarmid-late 1980s Asturias (Japan) AST60 classical - a virtually unplayed under-the-bed made-in-Japan handmade classical guitar with solid Cedar top, Rosewood back and sides, Mahogany neck with an Ebony fretboard. Comes with OHSC - went to David in the USA

1995 McDonald mandolinGraham McDonald mandolin1995 Graham McDonald Style A mandolin - a charming mandolin hand-made by one of Australia's finest mandolin makers in June 1995. All high-grade solid timbers, with gumleaf pearl inlays giving a nice Aussie character. Complete with hand-made wooden hard case - went to Bob in the USA

1996 Gilet Parlour Guitar - a beautiful, elegant guitar, with Martin 'O' dimensions but modelled on the simplicity of Robert Johnson's Gibson L1. Solid Swiss Pine top, New Guinea Rosewood neck, back and sides, Brazilian Rosewood fretboard and headstock veneer, and stunning looks, condition, sound and playability. Comes with OHSC - went to Mark

1998 Gerard Gilet 'Flamenco Negra' classical guitar - Gerard's guitars are amongst my favourites, and I'm particularly enthusiastic about him as an Australian luthier. This classical guitar shows just why! A stunner in looks, sound and playability. Comes with high grade HSC - went to lucky Sydney buyer

1999 K.Yairi CY127CE electric classical guitar - very giggable and high-quality guitar from the famous K.Yairi stable in Japan. Top quality timbers and construction, with a comfortable 3/4 depth thinline body with a cutaway, and top-quality in-house electronics, add up to a classical gigging sensation! This sounds absolutely divine through my AER Cube3 - went to Martin

Gilet Gibson J-200 guitar copy1999 Gilet J-200 handbuilt acoustic stunning limited edition build by Sydney luthier Gerard Gilet. Near mint with OHSC - went to Steve

Donmo tri-cone resonatorlate 1990s Donmo Tricone early build custom-ordered - with original National cones and custom Porsche 356 etchings! One doting owner (me!) - went to Laura

Guild D55 Westerly2001 Guild D55 dreadnought - one of the most highly-regarded acoustics of all time, and the top of the Guild tree. Stunning condition and sound. One of the last to leave the revered Westerly factory - with OHSC - went to Jim

Gerard Gilet 12-string jumbo acoustic2003 Gilet 12-string Jumbo - a beautiful handmade guitar from my favourite Aussie luthier; Gerard Gilet. Kept in storage since purchased new by the previous owner - perfect condition. Stunning looks and sounds, and comes with Hiscox HSC - went to Cam

Maton Federation Jumbo acoustic guitar2004 Maton Federation limited edition - stunning all-black with beautiful abalone inlay work on the AAA grade solid spruce top. These are a limited edition of only 100, with serial numbers 1901 to 2001. This is serial 1958 - a great year!. Don't pay $4000 - complete with mint, original black case and certificate of authenticity - went to Vaughan

2005 Palm OM acoustic - a stunning sounding and playing guitar from Michael Palm in Queensland. Built to Martin OM dimensions, and fitted with a Fishman under-saddle pickup, it's a stunning tone combination. Solid AAA Sitka Spruce and AAA Indian Rosewood. In excellent plus condition - went to Jim

2005 (approx) Jim Williams dreadnaught - as soon as you pick this light beauty up and strum your first chord you understand what all the fuss regarding lattice-braced Jim Williams' guitars is all about! One owner guitar with upgrades for its custom order - Adirondack Spruce top just like the pre-war Martins, and extra pearl inlays and position markers. Will go quickly, or I may decide soon to keep this one for good. Comes with very high quality HSC - went to Mark

Gilet Hawkesbury2006 Gilet 'Hawkesbury' 000 acoustic - possibly the most stunning of the Gilet acoustics I've had through here. Absolute mint, unplayed condition. One of Gerard's finest! Comes in a lovely tweed hard shell case - went to Cam

2008 Aria SB-100G 6-string guitar/banjo - a great combination of a Mahogany banjo body (with Remo skin) and guitar neck. Now guitarists can play the banjo too! Compete with your mate's chainsaw at last! Comes with deluxe Epiphone case - went to Marty

2008 Lodge Cedar/Rosewood classical - a lovely classical guitar from Australian luthier Damian Lodge. This was one of his demonstration guitars at trade shows, and plays, looks and sounds wonderful! Traditional Spanish 7-fan bracing and traditional French Polish finish gives the guitar a nice full voice with amazing projection. Comes with quality HSC - went to Gary

New (2010) Gilet OOO - a HUGE opportunity! New, unsold 2010 stock. Own a brand new Gerard Gilet acoustic (you will NEVER turn back!) for $1200 off the normal $4200 price. AAA Sitka Spruce top, Ovangkol back and sides, Queensland Maple neck, Rosewood fretboard and bridge, Maple bindings, Abalone rosette. Extremely elegant guitar to look at, and heavenly to play and hear. Comes with HSC - went to Bill