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For years I have been searching for a good, original Yamaha SG2a (otherwise known as the Flying Samurai, or variously as the 'hockey stick' or 'banana' Yamahas), which were made in Japan between 1967 and 1971. This one is a gem!

The original paintwork is a stunning metallic turquoise (with matching headstock), which suits the funky body shape incredibly well. These are an absolute visual feast, either on stage or just sitting on a stand in your music room or loungeroom.

They also have a formidable reputation as a surf guitar, and once I brought the guitar in, serviced it, put new strings on it, and plugged it into my Fender Vibroverb clone, I found out why. I couldn't put the guitar down for ages; it is simply superb! The closest thing I can think of is the Fender Jaguar, but to me this eats a Jaguar alive. Bell-like clarity, an incredibly nice-to-use tremolo (with no free play (and adjustable spring tension with just one easily-accessed screw), and surprising output from the single-coil pickups once the volume control is opened right up.

With the Japanese making such delightful, high-quality, and original guitars before the 'lawsuit era', it makes you wonder why they ever thought they had to go down the path of copying guitars at all!

There is no case with this one, but other than the trem arm tip (which is a Fender Stratocaster item), this guitar is dead original and unmolested. Check the detailed photographs in the 'more pictures' link below to see the various playing marks and scrapes this guitar has received in the 45-odd years it has been in existence. The Rosewood fretboard has some wear in the first three fret positions, but the frets themselves are good, and the guitar plays perfectly.

Sold to Mark

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