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This MkIV WEM copicat is a solid-state model from the 1960s.

The solid-state models have one advantage over the earlier valve models, and that is the dedicated erase head in place of the permanent magnet in the tension arm that performed the erase function on the earlier models.

I have to admit to not thinking this unit would sound any better than the various analogue delay pedals I'd used over the last 35 years of playing. Crikey! How wrong could I have been!

There is simply no comparison! The depth, the quality, the 'genuineness' of the echo is so far ahead of ANY pedal I have used that I am amazed I was so ignorant all these years. Granted, the unit generates its own noise, but, like Fender single-coil hum, or valve amp hiss, or whatever other noise you want to nominate from vintage gear, who cares? If you're really fussy, bung a noise gate in before your amp! Once you're playing, and you kick in the footswitch to bring in the genuine tape echo of your choice (these things are hugely shapeable thanks to the three playback heads with individual switching and very usable sweep controls), you'll hear no noise at all - just the best echo this side of the Grand Canyon!

This unit is not mint, but is in extremely good working order. The heads are great, and I'll throw in 2 new tapes (these sell for $30 each in the local Melbourne supplier's store) with this WEM.

Offered at a very attractive price. Don't delay! In the meantime, you can guarantee I'll be gigging this baby!

Sold to Alan

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