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The Maton Wedgtail (often misspelt Wedgetail) is one of the rarest and most sought-after vintage Maton guitars. Only 110 of them were made between 1968 and 1973, and this one, serial number WX203 is one of the very last made. Serial numbers ranged from 101 to 211.

This example is truly fascinating, as it is finished in black (which is definitely original and would have been a custom colour), the bridge and tremolo assemblies - which are also definitely original - are different to other Wedgtails, and the dot markers on the fretboard are all centralised! Maton moved to centralised markers in the '70s, but the 'last' of the Wedgtails supposedly still had offset markers. (Thanks to Dan in the Blue Mountains for all that info!!) Then to top it off, it's a left-handed example, surely making it one of the rarest and most collectable Matons on the planet!

This is a very original and unmolested example. The handle from the tremolo assembly is missing, as is the tip to the pickup selector switch, but otherwise the guitar is complete and dead original. Some wear to the finish evident (see the detailed pics on the 'more pictures' link below, but overall a very well-kept guitar. This one arrived without a case, so is offered the same way. A new hardshell case can be supplied at cost (about $100).

This black example is super cool. Don't let this one fly away! For any southpaws looking for a collectable vintage Maton, I doubt you will EVER see another one of these come up! Or why not be the first Aussie 'Jimi Hendrix', and use it right-handed and upside down!

E-mail via the link below if you would like more details or pics.

Sold to Jeffery in Illinois, USA.

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