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This is a very rare vintage Australian valve amplifier, and interestingly just after purchasing this amp, I also found another similar (but not identical) head, which is also for sale (click here to see it).

Thanks to Roly Roper's splendid website,, easily the best resource for information on classic Australian amplifiers, the following information on their origin is available (thanks to a contribution by Phil Allison).

The Vedette was made by ZJM Products. ZJM were the initials of the proprietor, Zoltan Julian Mielnik, who was known by his middle name. Julian was Polish (formerly a Polish Army intelligence officer), who came to Australia after a stint in a POW camp in Siberia in WW2. He operated a small music shop (ZJM Music) in Oxford St, Bondi Junction, and the amps built there were sold as 'Vedette' or 'ZJM' amplifiers.

The amp itself is very interesting. It is essentially a Fender Blackface (pre-reverb) copy, with a 'normal' and 'vibrato' channel and a blackface 'Presence' control, but with English-style EL-34 output stage.

A truly GROUSE amp!

It comes with what I believe to be the original 2x12 cabinet, which is fitted with speakers which I can't identify, but which sound fantastic! The cab is interesting in that it has of pressed metal construction (I kid you not!) with a particle-board front and back panel. This enables it to be quite compact for a 2x12.

The combination sounds very good, and certainly looks great too. Just check out the size and quality of the power and output transformers in the 'more pictures' link below and you will see why it sounds so good!

The tremolo is foot-switchable, but I have mislaid the octal-plug footswitch, so the amp is heavily discounted accordingly..

The speaker cabinet measures 67cm(W) x 38cm(H) x 27kg(D) and weighs 19kg, while the head is 58cm(W) x 23cm(H) x 21cm(D) and 14.5kg. Shipped dimensions and weight will be slightly higher.

Sold to James

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