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I've long been a big fan of Vase amps, with their amazingly bullet-proof build quality and attention to detail. This is the earliest I have ever seen, and would be one of the earliest amps to be made by Vase in the Brisbane premises.

Quality simply oozes from it, and it shows in the amp's sound. Big, clean, and detailed. Check out the pics of the inside of the bass-reflex 4x12 box in the 'more pictures' link below!

Valves are a 12AU7 and 12AX7, with a 7199 valve acting as the driver for the two 6550/KT88 output valves. As you would expect (and hope!) the power caps have been replaced, but overall the amp is extremely original and unmolested, with legendary Mullard/Philips 'mustard' capacitors in the signal chain providing much of the unbelievable tone this amp possesses!

The amp has had a full service and check with Glen at Rock Dog Amplifier Repairs. It also had a fixed power cord installed in place of the dubious original Cannon XLR LNE power connector. (these were banned in Australia many years ago due to safety and reliability concerns, and any amp coming in to Grouse Guitars with this type of connector still present will have it removed and replaced with a neat, historically sensitive alternative that will look original but be reliable and SAFE)

Sold to Dean


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