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Vadis BR20Here is a 20-watt cathode bias (often mis-termed Class-A) valve-rectifier (5Y3) amp using a pair of 6CA7 (EL-34 equivalents) output valves running very conservatively into a single 12" Rola 12PEG Alnico speaker. The pre-amp stages utilise two 12AX7 valves.

There are three inputs - Bass, Rhythm and Accordion - each of which are voiced slightly differently, and all of which are very usable (while the amp was getting its service with a leading Melbourne amp tech - see below - it had the inputs modified to make them more responsive, as the Rhythm and Accordion inputs were originally quite muddy). While the amp was made as a bass/rhythm (BR) amp, it's only use these days would be as a guitar amp, in which role it sounds superb!

This is a low-powered amp, with less volume than the 20 watts would suggest, but is also a quite high-gain amp, so anything much past the half-way mark sees the amp go into delicious, true overdriven valve TONE. This makes the amp absolutely ideal for recording, especially in a home recording studio. Throw your distortion pedals away and get some REAL valve overdrive!

This amp is fresh back from a $220 service, with new power supply capacitors, bypass electrolytics and a new 12AX7. The original 6CA7s were measured, but are still within spec, and sound damn good, so they were left.

This vintage Vadis valve amp measures 57cm(W) x 62cm(H) x 26cm(D), with a weight of 17kg.

Sold to Daniel

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