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This 1960s Vadis 601 guitar amp (made by Soundcraft in Sydney) is a plain-jane thing that has to be heard to be believed! The Vadis 601 model has become one of the classic and sought-after vintage Australian guitar amps.

It runs a 2 x 6CA4 (EL-34) output stage for around 50 watts, and has the separate, front-mounted pre-amp chassis. Plus, it has fantastic spring reverb (using a full-size 4-spring reverb tank) and the most delicious tremolo you could wish for.

The amp was serviced in 2008 by Ross Giles in Melbourne, and has new power supply caps plus other components, and of course a bias adjustment. The original Phillips branded Mullard xf2 output valves were tested and found to be good, which no doubt contributes significantly to the great tone of this amp!

The quad box is fitted with its four original 12-inch Rola (Plessey) 12PEG Alnico speakers, amongst my favourite vintage speakers of all time. It has its fair share of scuffs and torn tolex, especially on the bottom, but is still nice and firm and intact, and sounds fantastic.

This amp sounds HUGE! It was delivered to me by a long-term customer while I was in a Melbourne recording studio. The amp I had brought had developed a rattle in the speaker, and the studio's JMI vintage Vox AC30 had just developed a microphonic valve, so the Vadis was pushed straight into service for the final track! The track was 'live', with no overdubs, and unfortunately has me on vocals (!), but can be downloaded here. No pedals, no effects - just my Gilet Tele straight into the amp, with volume at about 6 to 7 out of 10.

The rear panel is from an LB60 model, and therefore has the incorrect model designation stamped into the plate, but the size and design is the same, so it was sourced and fitted by the previous owner, as the original had long become separated from the head.

The amp head weighs 12kg, and measures 58cm(W) x 26cm(D) x 22cm(H), while the quad box measures 72cm x 72cm x 28cm and weighs in at 25kg.

Sold to Peter

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