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Here's a lovely 2x12 vintage Vadis 401 combo.

Made in Sydney, Australia in 1972, this model runs a pair of 6CA7 output valves (Electro Harmonix 6CA7EH) to give around 40 watts output into the two original vintage Rola 12P Alnico 12 -inch speakers.

The amp has long-spring valve-driven reverb, and also tremolo, both of which can be switched in and out by the original wooden-base footswitch.

It's a cool-looking amp, with its vertical stance. There is also a handle on one side for carrying the amp horizontally, as well as 'feet' on the other side, so it could also be used horizontally if you could be bothered (the controls and inputs would then be on the left-hand side, rather than the top).

And it sounds as cool as it looks! Not the loudest 40 watts on the planet, but definitely amongst the most toneful. And the reverb and tremolo are both really nice and deep, too. Not a hint of cheesiness!

The amp has been checked and serviced by a leading Melbourne amp tech. It required little more than the removal of a 'bright' modification on the 2nd (main) channel, which made that channel almost unbearably bright unless the treble control was wound right back. Now it's great!

The top corners at the rear of the cabinet seem to have become damp and swelled at some stage, allowing the original covering to peel back slightly. This had been crudely taped over when we received the amp, but has since been clamped and glued back into place.

The amp weighs 21kg, and measures 72cm(H) x 58cm(W) x 26cm(D).

Sold to Paul

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