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Here's a great sounding vintage Aussie 3x12" box, with matching Alnico drivers. This unit probably dates from the late 1960s, and I am sure the speakers are unbranded Rola 12U50 units (see detailed pictures in the 'more pictures' link below).

Drivers are 15 ohms each, connected in parallel, giving a total impedance of 5 ohms and a power rating of around 100 watts (150 watts if they're 12U50 drivers), suitable for many valve heads.

The unit is not pristine, showing plenty of knocks and small tears to the tolex covering and the grille cloth, but it is in very original condition, and works and sounds superb, whether used for bass or guitar.

Dimensions are 108cm x 57cm x 30cm, and weight is about 35kg.

Sold to Glenn

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