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This is an extremely rare amplifier!

In the 1960s, Moody of Sydney, Australia, made some amplifiers under the Ultratone brandname. I also have an Ultratone Custom Forty from the same production year as this Bassman version, 1966.

The Bassman Forty is essentially the same as a Moody BA40, while the Custom Forty is the same as the Moody GA40. Same cabinets, same grille cloth, same chassis, just a different name plate, and in the case of the Custom Forty, 'U' knobs instead of the 'M' knobs of the Moody equivalent!

Therefore, the Bassman Forty is essentially the same as the Custom Forty, but minus the tremolo and reverb. Even the speaker cabinet, a sealed-back 2x12 with original Rola 12PEG speakers is the same. As a result, the amp sounds absolutely divine!

My Custom Forty is to date my favourite guitar amp of all time (and that includes the Matchless amps I have owned), and this amp is a beautiful relative of that amp, without the trem and reverb. Just straight-ahead grouse tone in true Bassman® fashion. This is an amp I will sorely miss when it sells.

The head measures 60cm(W) x 24cm(H) x 22cm(D) and weighs 13kg, while the box measures 75cm(W) x 52cm(H) x 28cm(D) and weighs 19kg.

Sold to Slav

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