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Here's a very rare vintage amp, made in Brisbane in 1967. It is unusual in that it has tremolo, not often found in heads.

It runs a pair of Electro Harmonix 6L6EH valves (just installed by a leading Melbourne amp tech to replace the microphonic 6L6GC originals), and has been fully serviced. Output is for an 8-ohm load.

Both channels have a 'pull' treble boost on the treble pot - one channel is a dry channel, while the other is labelled 'Tremelo'. They obviously didn't check the spelling of 'tremolo'! It's a very nice-sounding amp, and you're bound to be the only one in town using one! This is the only Trent I have come across.

Dimensions are 56cm(W) x 24cm(D) x 18cm(H), and weight is 11kg.

Sold to Tony

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