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There is arguably no electric guitar more attractive than a double-bound Fender Telecaster. And there is arguably no Telecaster more universally usable than the Jerry Donahue model, with its Strat fron pickup and five-way switching!

Here is how the stock JD switching works: Position 1) The Bridge PU which gives a true-to-life 1952 vintage sound. Position 2) The Bridge PU and the Neck PU out-of-phase. This gives that unique Strat sound, as it puts a Tele PU and the Vintage Strat PU in an out-of-phase mode. Really cool. Position 3) The Bridge PU and the Neck PU in parallel, creating a sweet full rhythm sound. Position 4) The Neck PU which gives a true-to-life 57 vintage Strat sound ran through the tone control. Position 5) The Neck PU completely bypasses the tone control for the full punch of this vintage PU. This is a nice feature as you may have the neck tone rolled off a little, and then if you want to jump into a more powerful lead solo, then just flip the switch!

The Jerry Donahue signature model was available from the both the Custom Shop (on special order) and the Japanese factory (both no longer available) from 1992. This is a Japanese example, one of reported only 4-500 made, and serial number of AO66917 points to a 1994/95 production, as does the "Made n Japan" decal on neck base (not "Crafted in Japan"). This guitar has had just one owner, and has simply sat in its case in the wardrobe for most of that time. Never gigged, and very rarely played, this guitar presents as new.

There is one tiny paint defect adjacent to the ferrule for the top "E" string on the guitar's back, but it is very hard to see (check the more pictures link below). It actually looks as though it was a production flaw, but is so minor you will never notice it.

The neck is distinctive on these JD signature Teles, with a vintage '52 Tele soft "V" shape - a shape I love, but some others don't. Anyone who has played vintage guitars will know the profile, and feel totally at home with it!

This is a very attractive (transparent Crimson with elegant white binding), very playable and very collectable Telecaster. It's also very affordable!

Sold to Dieter in Germany

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