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This is the first bass I ever bought. I'm mainly a Tele player (on guitar), so my first bass had to be a series I (single coil) Telecaster Bass. It took me a long time to find what I wanted, but settled on this '68 beauty.

Yes, it has been refinished (professionally, and before I purchased it) in its original Olympic White. Yes, the pickup is an aftermarket (I believe it's a Seymour Duncan - others may be able to tell me more by looking at the "more pictures" link below). But it has awesome presence, fantastic playability, and a great, great sound. I don't think I've every used this guitar without someone coming up and asking me about it! Weight is a shade over 9 pounds - GROUSE!

Neck date (see "more pictures" link) shows a build date of 1968, the first year of production of these highly sought-after basses. The series I had a single-coil pickup, and were in effect Fender's first-ever re-issue, as they were an exact reconstruction of the original 1951 Precision Bass. The series II Tele basses had a Seth Lover designed humbucker pickup, the only Fender bass ever so-equipped.

The original series I Tele Bass sold in very limited numbers for the four years of production, making them extremely rare nowadays. This bass will be sold with its original Stamford case - Australian Fenders at the time were sold with the locally-made cases to avoid extra import duties.

Sold to Richard in The Netherlands

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