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The lightest and most resonant ash body I have ever come across! It weighs in at just 2.9kg, or 6.4 pounds! The spankiest pickups I have ever enjoyed! The most serious mojo of any Telecaster I have ever owned! This is without a doubt my favourite guitar in the Grouse Guitars stock.

This guitar must have had an incredible life - I wish it could talk. Evidence of a Lake Placid Blue refinish at one stage over the original blonde - the blue has long since been removed, once again showing the vintage blonde finish. This is a January 1968 build, and as such has the best features of Telecasters up to this time; nice thin Nitro finish (not the ultra-thick Polyester finishes that were introduced about this time) that has worn beautifully, fantastic light high-grade ash for the body (we all know how heavy they got just after this date!), and the best feel and sound of any Tele I have ever owned.

It is worth noting that at high volumes, the neck pickup can become microphonic, something quite typical for Fender pickups from this period. The pickup can be professionally wax potted for a small fee, but it is something I have resisted, as I am of the opinion it does, even if marginally, affect the tone that little bit, and it's not worth compromising the glorious tone of this guitar at all. To me the truly magic tone is when the pickup is right on the verge of feeding-back microphonically - just listen to the demon tones on the recording snippets below!

Signed in silver paint by Tommy Emmanual CGP (Certified Guitar Player) at some stage, which has been verified by Tommy (although he can't remember where or when). If it was up to me, I'd get some thinners and remove it straight away, but I'll leave that choice to the new owner!

I LOVE this thing!

Sold to David

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