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Here is a very interesting short-scale, semi-acoustic Teisco BA-2 electric bass.

This vintage Teisco bass displays the original italic upper-case logo which changed before 1961 for the more stylised logo with the large 'S' in the centre, pointing to a 1960 manufacture at the latest.

It's in unbelievably good original condition, with the bridge and the tailpiece being the only components probably not original. The tailpiece is the same as those fitted to early '60s vintage Hofner Beatle basses (!), as well as Hoyers and possibly others, with its short length and "Made In West Germany" stamp, and I doubt that Teisco copied this detail completely. The whole character of the bass is, indeed, German, with its multi-laminated neck reminiscent of late '50s Hoyer guitars and basses.

The pickups are awesome - big, beefy single-coils with strong alnico individual polepieces that sound incredible. While the bass has a super-short guitar-like scale length of just 63cm (25 inches), the strong pickups give it a much bigger tone than you'd expect. This would have to be the easiest bass in the world to play, with the ultra-straight laminated neck allowing the adjustable bridge to come down to ridiculous levels for low, easy, buzz-free action.

This bass both looks cool and is ultra-playable and giggable. Ideal for female bassists, or those with small hands (or those who just want to be different!).

No case with this one.

Sold to Lorenzo in Italy

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