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The internal serial number of 78041547 (see the 'more pictures' link below to view) places production of this very rare Takamine DB180 single-cone resonator guitar at April 1978.

It is in very good condition, with only the barest of playing and handling marks. The previous owner must only have played basic chords on this, judging by the way only the first three frets show any wear at all (extremely light), and the back of the neck also has the clear finish worn away by the player's thumb at this location.

Tuners have been changed, thankfully to Japanese units that are high quality and are faithful to the made-in-Japan characteristics of this lovely 1970s vintage guitar. Overall it is extremely original.

Sound is 'tighter' than a National or similar, due to the stiffer cone used. It would be a simple matter to fit a genuine Dobro / National cone, but it sounds amazingly nice as-is, and is totally original.

This fine guitar comes in a period plush-lined hard-shell case.

Sold to Gus

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