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Here's some beautiful old Aussie vintage amp muscle.

It's an amp that came to us missing the front panel (a replacement vented plywood panel has been made and covered with the same grille cloth that I used on my Electravox quad box), and has had a few components replaced by our tech of choice here in Melbourne, but the existing 7027A valves (yes, there's 4 of them, which would give a good 120 watts or so) were deemed to be within service limits, and electronically well matched, so were left in place.

The power transformer on this amp has to be seen to be believed. It would power a small suburb! Come to think of it, even if you were blind you would know this transformer was serious bit of metal, as the amp weighs an amazing 21 kilos. I have never come across a head as heavy-duty as this - an amp built to last for ever!

The output transformer has taps for 2, 4, 8 and 16 ohm loads. I have had the amp fitted with 2 output sockets which have been connected to the 4 and 8 ohm taps, but this could be modified at will to suit your own needs. I also had the original and impossible-to-find-power-leads-for power input socket changed to a modern IEC connector, so you can use the common-as-muck power cords (kettle cords) to connect this monster to the mains and start those coal-burning power stations shovelling some more coal into the boiler furnaces to keep up! This amp is very definitely not greenhouse gas friendly, but what the heck. Plant a tree and then crank yourself some serious tone at a serious volume! Or put a bank of solar collectors on the roof.

Rock'n'Roll ain't noise pollution...

Here's a bit of history, from the julesmedia website;

"Gary Nessel and John Woodhead founded the Strauss company in Melbourne in March 1962. They manufactured guitar and bass amps from day one and PA amps and boxes from late 1962. It soon became a case of not who used Strauss, but who didn’t! The mighty ‘Warrior’ and ‘Hurricane’ guitar amps and ‘Bandit’ bass amp were to become the prime choice of musicians across Australia. They built large-scale sound systems from Altec Lansing designs, powering them with huge Strauss valve amps and using Strauss active crossovers. They built their own mixers and were well in advance of their Sydney counterparts. In 1969, the company name was changed to NOVA SOUND."

Sold to Martin

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