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Now here's a great guitar for you! It's a 1980 vintage Shiro, made in Shiro Arai's famed Matsumoku factory in Japan. We have had three of these in ES-175 guise briefly in the past, and we were equally impressed by those examples. The new owners of the three guitars have also been extremely impressed with them. I truly believe that if you were to put one of these next to a Gibson® original of the same era, and gave good guitarists a blind test as to which they preferred, it wouldn't be the Gibson® they'd select!.

Shiro Arai was responsible for many of the most sought-after brands of the 'lawsuit era' during the 1970s and early '80s, and one can only assume after looking at and playing this guitar that he would only apply his name, Shiro, to the highest quality lines. Shiro Arai now also makes the esteemed D'Aquisto (New York) guitars.

We were able to date this Made in Japan (MIJ) non serial-numbered guitar by the stamp on the high-quality Maxon-made pickups. The stamp 200906 shows they are model code 2, made in 1980 (0) on September (09) 6th (06).

This guitar is stunning in every respect, from its fully bound body and neck, beautifully figured laminated Maple on the body, mother-of-pearl inlays (including the headstock), through to the quality of the fittings and electronics. The Maxon-produced pickups are truly amazing - gutsy, yet with a lovely 'sparkle' often missing from humbuckers.

Original frets are in great condition. They have been dressed in the past (this guitar - like all good guitars - has been played, not forgotten in someone's wardrobe), but have good life left yet. The body, neck and headstock have only inconsequential marks, showing the guitar has been very well cared for by its previous owner (check out the 'more pictures' link below) and neck set is perfect. Tuners and other fittings are original.

A high quality, very rare and very playable vintage guitar, and it comes complete with a quality Canadian-made hard shell case in good condition which has the remains of a small 'Gibson' decal on it (see the detailed photo in the 'more pictures' link below).

The guitar represents extremely good value, and is a truly professional-grade instrument. Action and playability are incredible, and in every respect this guitar is the equal (and in many ways superior to) of the Gibson® ES-335® model it so unashamedly copies, at about 1/3rd of the cost!

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