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Here is a stunning one-owner 'Croc-skin' Selmer Zodiac Twin-30 (these were sold between September 1963 and 1965). The Selmer catalogue at the time proclaimed;

"New Zodiac Twin 30. Four inputs - Two channels. Built-in Tremelo with speed & depth controls and foot-operated switch. Selectortone push-button controls. Very low noise and hum level. Fitted with socket for extension speaker.
Here at last is a new amplifier with built-in tone colours. By simply operating the exclusive push-button controls you are able to vary the degrees of response from High Treble to Contra Bass, thereby obtaining an infinite variety of tone colours. The new Zodiac Twin 30 is a two-channel amplifier. Channel 1 acts as a conventional amplifier with normal controls for volume and tone. Channel 2 is controlled by the unique Selectortone push-button controls. This design enables you to use one channel for a microphone without cross channel interaction, leaving the other channel free for guitar and other musical instrument amplification. Each channel has two high impedance inputs - giving you a total of four inputs which can be used simultaneously. Built-in tremelo on Channel 2 is instantly switched on or off by the footswitch provided. Speed and depth of tremelo are adjustable over wide limits by variable control knobs. Exclusive Selmer "Blinking Eye" (Patent applied for) gives visual indication of tremelo speed. The Zodiac 30 is fitted with two 12" loudspeakers and all controls are housed in a recessed panel. A pilot lamp is fitted.
Attractively finished in two-tone crocodile leatherene with modern styling. AC mains only, 200/250 volts, 50/60 cycles. Valve complement EF86 (2), ECC83 (3), EL34 (2), GZ34 (1). Output ratings British 30 watts, American 60 watts. Dimensions height 20", width 29", depth 10". 85 gns, including attractive waterproof cover."

When the owner sold it to me, he wrote;

"I had it since new. We had a group in England, and when we split up I came here (to Australia) with my share of the gear. I had just turned 19, and the amp has been in my spare room for many years under cover. It also it has the original foot switch which I never used, as I had a WEM Copicat at the time."

The amp is fully serviced and has 2 new Svetlana EL-34 output valves. Speakers are the original Celestion T731 Alnico silver units, and both have just been professionally reconed, and magnets remagnetised to bring them both back to as-new specifications. The speakers have a Selmer factory stamp showing they were received 14th May 1964, and have the Celestion date code of 09EJ and 11EJ (9th April '64 and 11th April '64 respectively). This amp is really toneful and LOUD now that the speakers have been brought back to new specifications!

Serial number is 16723. Condition is truly stunning, right down to the original Selmer Truvoice vinyl cover!

Sold to Michael

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