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The Roland RE-201 Space Echo is a tape echo that should need no introduction if you've navigated to this page! Click here to see the Wikipedia page dealing with them.

This is an early version, which still uses the same cabinet as the very rare RE-200 - later RE-201s had a different cabinet with a smaller 'lid' panel.

Cosmetically, this vintage Roland RE-201 is not bad, with few scuffs to the black tolex. Check the 'more pictures' link below to see more detail.

However, electronically and mechanically, this one is in awesome condition. The heads, capstan, pinch roller and all other parts of the transport are in perfect condition. Internally, the unit is pristine and completely untouched. And the sound? GROUSE! These can be quite ordinary if worn, or if the alignments of the various heads are out, but this one sounds just like an RE-201 should - warm and organic.

The reverb is, of course, a spring reverb, and the 11-position switch lets you select a diverse combination of echos and reverb.

Sold to Martin

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