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Pure filth! These little things rock, and distort all the way from go to whoa! Nothing clean. And when I say little, that's what I mean! Just 45cm(H) x 37cm(W) x 17cm(D), and weighing just 7.5 kilos.

That's the Rex Mascot, a very humble single-ended valve amp using a 12AX7 preamp and 6BQ5 power stage for a few true Class A watts, is one of the Australian (made-in-Melbourne) amp holy grails. These sell for much less than equivalent Fender® Champ® amps, but in my opinion (and many others, especially recording studios) are even nicer.

Serial number is 1935.

This example is in fantastic, low-mileage condition. The only things detracting from a perfect 10/10 score are the slight stain to the grille (barely visible!), a little scuffing to the edges of the black 'tolex' covering, and the missing top back panel (see the detailed photographs in the 'more pictures' link below). The amp seems to have originally had a top and bottom back panel, rather than a single item. It would be a simple matter to fashion an exact replacement, based on the existing bottom cover.

For the collector or for the musician with a home studio, this is a truly grouse amp!

Sold to Tony

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