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This is the sort of find that I will never cease to be excited about! At least not until the musician lifestyle claims another victim.

Where has this amp been for the last 40 years? In a time capsule?

Amazing condition, with hardly a mark on the tolex or grille. The original knobs are all there. The faceplate has a couple of small bends (probably from when the chassis was removed for a recent complete renewal of all valves and power caps for the previous owner), but that's about it.

I pulled the back off the speaker cab to see what speakers were fitted, and I think I may have been the first person to have ever removed the back since it left the Melbourne factory about 40 years ago! The speakers surprised me, and I know nothing at all about them. They are made in the USA (doubtless by one of the main manufacturers there at the time; maybe someone can recognise the basket pressing and let me know their origin) and are branded Realistic by Radio Shack, the pre-cursers of Tandy today. Radio Shack used to provide a lot of components back in those days (I liken them to what Jaycar is today, or Dick Smith was like way back when Dick still owned the company), and many products were made for them by other manufacturers. The model number of the speakers (12" ceramic magnet instrument speakers with a JBL-like aluminium dust cover on the cone) is 40-1275A.

They actually sound quite good, and in the interests of leaving such a time capsule original, I have left them in place.

The amp uses two EL-34s in the output for a nominal 50-watt output. Three 12AX7s complete the valve lineup.

The amp is fresh back from our tech of choice, after having extensive work done to rectify the work done by a previous tech, and to bring the amp back into spec and sounding as it should.

Serial number is 2046, which makes it an even earlier example than serial 2464 which we sold some time back, and the output transformer has a date stamp of May 1967.

The amp head weighs 13kg and measures 60cm(W) x 22cm(H) x 22cm(D), while the speaker box weighs 25kg and measures 76cm(W) x 52cm(H) x 29cm(D).

Sold to Geoff

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