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This classic Aussie tone monster has been with our tech of choice for full servicing and refurbishment. The power supply was given new components, and other capacitors were also replaced and the original output transformer rewound to original specs.

The Aussie take on the highly regarded Fender® Bassman® blackface 50-watt amp! Rare and grouse!

This amp is tone heaven, and no wonder. Blackface Fender Bassman basic design, but built to use EL-34 output valves. Sound familiar? Yes - that's how Jim Marshall started out and made his ground-breaking JTM-45! These amps are rare, and have a highly-deserved reputation that will only grow.

Rex amps were made by the Lamberti Brothers, who also made Eston amps. General Music (see pic in 'more pictures' link below) was Lamberti Bros' manufacturing division. They also made a huge success out of banjos and mandolins, and the company still exists as a large importer and wholesaler of musical instruments. Something for the historians and enthusiasts.

Sold to Tony

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