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Who says a genuine external spring reverb has to cost the earth? OK, it's a solid-state circuit, the springs are shorter than the ultimate, and it's not made in the USA. BUT IT IS A GENUINE SPRING REVERB!

I've used this unit live a number of times. It won't give you the lush Fenderlike surf reverb that some may want, but it DOES give a very characterful, very analogue, decidedly non-digital sound! With some subtle analogue delay, this is a great Rock and Roll unit. It has controls for both the depth and the tone of the reverb (wet) signal, making it very flexible.

I have never come across another one of these in 30 plus years of collecting. By the look of the unit I would guess it was made in the late '60s or '70s. Maybe a knowledgeable visitor to the site can tell me more! (email link is below)

This example is in fantastic original and fully operating condition. The unit operates on 240 volts AC (Australian mains power). Priced at a quarter of a comparable valve reverb unit, and barely more than a decent digital pedal 'wannabe'!

Sold to Steve

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