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Quite some years back Grouse Guitars purchased a Peavey T-60 guitar (it sold to a very enthusiastic buyer in Greece - click here to see it), and in my description I noted that the model has been described as "likely the most under-rated guitar of all time". The T-60 is the 6-string guitar and the T-40 is the 4-string bass equivalent. So I am now saying that I consider the Peavey T-40 bass to be likely the most under-rated bass of all time!

This bass just oozes quality. Great tonewoods (Northern Swamp Ash body with Maple neck), fantastic quality hardware, great-sounding humbucking pickups, and it's all made in USA! Serial number of 00742602 makes this a 1981 production.

This bass has had very little use in its 30 years, and presents in fantastic condition, and complete with its bullet-proof molded hard-shell case (see the photographs in the 'more pictures' link below). There are a few tiny dents, some minor buckle worming, and the pickguard has a small crack adjacent to the neck pickup (very hard to see!), but you will be very impressed with the condition of this bass. All hardware, pots, knobs and switches are original.

Control layout is simple and effective. 3-position pickup selector at the front, then independent volume and tone controls for each of the two pickups, and finally a phase switch at the rear which inverts the phase of the bridge pickup relative to the neck pickup when you want to explore some interesting sounds! To view or download the full original Peavey owner's manual for the T60/T40 series, just click here.

Weight is 4.7 kilos, or 10.4 pounds, putting it pretty well on par with a Fender® Precision Bass® of the same era.

Dare to be different. You will absolutely love the way this bass plays and sounds!

Sold to Chris

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