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Here is an old (probably 1950s) portable speaker which would have originally come from a 16mm sound projector or similar. It is ported front and back, and the back can also be left open for a completely open-back sound.

The speaker fitted is not the original, but is a Sydney-made MFP Hi-Flux 12 inch 15 ohm speaker dating from the 1960s. This is a low-power speaker which would probably handle 5 or 6 watts at best, so sounds nice when driven by a low-powered valve amp head such as the JMI Domino amplifier we have in stock, where both the amp and the speaker are driven to their limit, giving some great, natural distortion that no pedal can replicate.

It has its lead permanently soldered to the speaker inputs, so it's simply a matter of extending the lead and plugging it into the amp head.

The box construction is quite light (probably 3-ply underneath the original and pretty funky green leatherette cloth covering), and the grilles are expanded aluminium, so I doubt it would suit converting for use with a higher-powered speaker, as the box and grilles would simply resonate too much. As is, with the low-powered vintage speaker in it, it works really well.

Pretty cool, and damn cheap!

It weighs just under 4kg, and measures 46cm(H) x 41cm(W) x 28cm(D).

Sold to Daniel

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