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Grouse! Another old valve amplifier which probably dates from the 1940s, judging by the old bottles.

I'd guess this one as Australian-made, and the solid timber cabinet, which I first thought was home-made, appears to be the original 'factory' cabinet.

Great for harp to get that real 'old-world' sound, and also for electric guitar. I've tried this both into a quad box and a 12" cabinet, and it sounds great with both.

Not loud by any stretch of the imagination, putting out probably on 5 or 6 watts, but great overdrive tones on the sensitive Microphone input. The Pickup input is less sensitive, and would have originally been for high-output 'ceramic' phonograph pickups.

Dimensions are 43cm(W) x 27cm(D) x 24cm(H) and weight is 9.6kg (unpacked - obviously shipping dimensions and weights will be a bit more).

This thing is COOL!

Sold to Indra

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