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Do you want to see this actual bass used in its moment of fame? This early 1960s vintage National bass featured in the 1998 video clip of "Caught In The Night" by Australian band, The Angels, which can be seen on YouTube by clicking here.

This is a National Newport bass, which can be distinguished from the earlier version known as the Val-Pro. This entire series, known as the 'map' guitars due to the body shape being akin to the map of the USA, only ran between 1961 and 1965. Serial number is 1-51045, which dates it to 1964/5.

This bass is no toy - it sounds great! The neck pickup, which looks like a humbucker but is actually a big single-coil, is fat and deep, and the original peizo pickup mounted in the clear plastic bridge has a twang like a bass banjo. Blend them together for a sweet and distinctive Motown punch. It's in remarkably original condition, and is totally complete and unmodified.

It's a 3/4 scale instrument, and its molded res-o-glas (plastic) body makes it incredibly comfortable to play. It only weighs 3kg (6.6 pounds), and has a scale length of just 25 inches! And while you're experiencing the comfort and the cool sounds, you'll also be the coolest man on the stage!

Sold to Lorenzo in Italy

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