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Now this is an instrument that would have some stories to tell if it could only talk!

The most serious vintage mojo I have EVER seen on a vintage instrument, yet it's incredibly original and complete! Even the original bridge cover, knobs, thumb rest and truss rod adjuster cover are still there! The scratchplate has long gone (it's a damn ugly thing anyhow - check out the PDF image from the Maton archives available by clicking here) and the tuners seem to have been replaced a long time ago (yet still look exactly like those on the archive pic). Man this thing has character by the bucketload.

The MS1100 bass was only made in 1965 and 1966, with a total of only 208 examples leaving the Canterbury factory in that time. The bass was the 'sister' of the DC545 guitar.

The pickups and controls all work well. Neck is good and straight, and the truss rod works a treat. Scale length is 32".

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Character is earned. To me, this thing has both! What do you think?

Sold to Ian

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