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Now this is RARE!!

I have never come across another in more than 30 years of collecting. The idea of this purely electro-mechanical beast was to simulate the sound of a rotating Leslie, along with the subsequent phase shifts that occur.

Note that this effect is not achieved electronically, but rather mechanically, with a motor-driven padle that (apparently!) stirs up an oil bath with iron filing particles which operate as a short-term recording medium (a bit like a squishy piece of recording tape I guess).

The results are amazing, from subtle through to serious '70s LSD tripping effects!

The 'pedal' (surely something this size can't be called a pedal!) is mains-powered, running on Australian 240 volts AC. This is in keeping with the Morley philosophy, as the Morley Power Wah, another grouse vintage pedal, is also mains-powered.

If nothing else, you could probably boast of owning the worlds largest footpedal!

Sold to Genaro


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