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I've been gigging this wonderful amp for a while, but now it's time to let it go to the next owner.

These are amongst my favourite Aussie amps ever - in fact my favourite amps from anywhere! 2xEL34 (or 6CA7) output for a wonderful toneful 40 watts into a pair of original vintage Rola Plessey 12U50 Alnico 12-inch speakers in a sealed plywood cabinet; it doesn't get much better than that!

Add a fantastic long-tank spring reverb, and some great tremolo, and you have an unbeatable package.

This example has unfortunately had the face modified by a previous owner, who had the power and standby switches moved to the front panel for ease of use, as well as the jack for the optional tremolo on/off pedal (not supplied, but any standard footswitch with a 1/4" jack will do). The price reflects this, as this would be an amp I would otherwise sell for over $2K.

I assume that this would have been when the amp was mildly hot-rodded, with uprated power and output transformers being fitted. This has made the amp a little less original for the collector, but has given it a lot of extra headroom and tone for the player - as I said, I have been choosing this amp over many others for quite some time for gigging. It has ample power, but also breaks up beautifully and has plenty of 'sparkle' (in true EL-34 fashion - very much vintage British in character).

One big thing though, and quite amazing - it still has both its original Chevron 'V' metal badges. These are almost always missing, even from quite tidy examples. I think kids used to swipe them to put on their billycarts back in the 1960s. The original leather strap handle has long gone missing from the top of the speaker box.

This amp may look a bit rough, but it sounds awesome - really bright and powerful. Fantastic reverb. I challenge you to put this amp against any of the world's best and be disappointed!

Sold to Tony

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