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Now this is one COOL amp! I haven't been able to date its production date firmly, but I estimate it would be between 1960 or 1961.

The amp has had a thorough going-over by a leading Melbourne amp tech before being offered for sale. It has had a matched pair of Russian Mullard EL-34 re-issues fitted, along with a new 6AN8, 2 new 12AX7s, $300 worth of other components in the power supply and signal path, and has had the output transformer rewound. I spent a fortune on this amp, but wanted to get it just right.

The speakers are the original MSP Ray Beam Alnico 12" units, and they sound as great as they look! This is a very early version of the GA35, where the single 6" MSP speaker is not a high-frequency driver or 'tweeter', but it is actually the reverb speaker. Much like early tonewheel Hammond organs, the reverb is a separate small amplifier (mounted on the upper chassis) which then feeds its own separate speaker. You could be unkind and call it an afterthought!

The power amplifier is situated in the bottom of the cabinet, and comprises a 2 x EL-34 output which gives a nice solid 35watts, every watt of which sounds fantastic!

There are two separate footswitches, both original. One operates the reverb, and the other the tremolo.

The amp measures 73cm(W) x 52cm(H) x 26cm(D) and weighs 24kg.

Sold to Geoff

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