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Now here is a gem, from my own long-term personal collection.

Dating from 1963, this Moody GA35 amplifier is a little later than the blue one we sold some time back (click here to view it). It has a couple of interesting differences, showing the evolution of the Moody GA (guitar amplifier) series. Where the blue example uses the single 6" speaker as the reverb speaker (driven by a separate amplifier), in this amp the speaker is a high-frequency unit which simply is added (via a filter capacitor) to the 2x12 Radial Beam speakers. The reverb is now a standard type spring tank, and operates as per normal, blending the reverb signal with the 'dry' signal as the level knob is wound up.

The original Sydney-made MSP Radial Beam alnico speakers are super cool, still sporting their original red cones!

The amp has been extensively worked on by a leading Melbourne amp tech, to ensure it's ready for another 45 years of active service! It has new output valves, capacitors and various other components, and is sounding just as it should.

The amp has a couple of small scuffed areas on its original blonde tolex, has a few areas where some darker discolouration has taken place where it appears rubber 'feet' may have been in contact, and a previous owner's name can still be seen (but not quite read!) on the bottom of the amp (see the more pictures ink below), but overall the amp presents in amazing condition.

The amp measures 73cm(W) x 52cm(H) x 26cm(D) and weighs 24kg. Shipped dimensions and weight will be slightly higher.

Sold to Brian

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