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I love vintage Moody amps. I love blondes. I love originality. I love class A. I love point-to-point wiring. And I love big, old original AlNiCo speakers.

This gem has them all. Moody amps are known to afficionados of vintage Australian amps as the tone king. Cathode bias class A circuitry. Quality components. And awesome looks.

These early blonde amps are very rare, and very sought-after. I have been collecting and buying Moody amps for many, many years, and have always had this model as my Holy Grail. never did I think I would find one so totally pristine, and so gloriously original!

The pics say it all (make sure you check out the 'more pictures' link). Then the tone says it all again. And yes, the original Rola Alnico speaker is there in all its glory, in mint condition!

Vintage amp heaven. And a gilt-edged investment.

Sold to Fox

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