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vintage Moody BA-40 valve ampA very original example of a collectable Australian-made amplifier of the '60s. Here is the perfect amplifier to mate with your Grouse Guitars vintage Maton guitar or bass! This amp has been treasured by just two owners since new.

The head is a 40-watt valve unit with 2 EL-34s in the output. This example still has the original matching 2x12" sealed-back box (with original Rola Plessey speakers).

Being a Bassman, this amp has no effects as such, much like the Fender® Bassman. Just pure valve Moody tone. With a valve-driven reverb in front, or even just a touch of echo from a good delay unit, this amp brings you and your sound straight back to the '60s at a small fraction of equivalent Fender® cost. And I reckon it looks much cooler! The ultimate 'blackface'.

Sold to Geoffrey

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