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I have always considered these amongst the coolest-looking vintage amps on the planet, and this is the most mint and unmolested I have yet come across. Serial number is 3274.

This Moody BA40 guitar and bass amplifier runs a pair of EL-34/6CA7 valves (in this case a pair of nice Svetlanas) in Cathode bias configuration (often misnamed 'class-A' by those who have no idea what they're talking about!) into either a 16 ohm or 8 ohm load (the selector switch is on the back of the chassis).

This example even comes with the original speaker lead, which includes a mains-voltage jumper across two pins to prevent the amp being turned on if the speaker lead is not plugged into the amp, thereby avoiding a blown output transformer. It is arguable that this is a deadly feature if the body of the plug were to come off, allowing the operator's hands to touch the live jumper inside. As the amp is likely to go to a collector rather than a working musician, I have left this amp with this feature intact, and the amp also unserviced. I have tested the amp, and it works fantastically. The Svetlana output valves and relatively modern power cord show that this amp has been well maintained, and the last service could not have been all that long ago.

This time-capsule Moody also still has its original 'M' knobs, which are impossible to find, especially in white to suit the early blonde amps.

The head weighs 10kg, and measures 43cm(W) x 23cm(H) x 21cm(D).

Sold to Tony

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