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My love for classic old Aussie valve amps is well-known, and none more so than the Moody line of amps made in Sydney many decades ago. This little (32cm(h)x30cm(w)x16.5cm(d), and only 4kg) beauty is incredible. Totally original in every respect. Very low power, but TONE, TONE and more single-ended TONE! Speaker is the original Sydney-made "MSP Hi-flux" 6" x 9". Truly qualifies as GROUSE. The power transformer code indicates a 1961 build date. The valves used are a 6V4 rectifier, 12AX7 preamp and 6M5 power pentode output.

Collectable and usable tube amp, either as a practice amp or for recording.

And super-cool in its blue cabinet and '60s gold-fleck grille cloth. Grab this vintage Moody amp from the internet's grousest vintage tube amp and vintage guitar dealer before it disappears!

Sold to Tony

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