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The brother to the top-of-the-range PM1 Custom Stereo model, this is the standard Phil Manning PM1 Standard signature model. This vintage Maton has had just one previous owner (in the Tamworth region in NSW).

A truly classic electric guitar. Mono (usable!) wiring. The same splittable pickups as the upmarket model, and with the same slider switches to select either single-coil or humbucker for each pickup, PLUS the ability to play the two pickups in or out of phase.

Buckets of Les-Paul-like sustain, with the typical Maton quality timbers and workmanship, but in a much more comfortable and lighter package, at a very civilised 8.4 pounds.

Finish is black, in the satin-style finish favoured by Maton at the time (for instance the JB-4 basses have a similar non-gloss finish). There are some wear marks evident, but overall the guitar is in very good condition.

Very collectable, very playable, and comes in its original hard case.

Sold to Damian

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