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vintage Maton L-101 Lute Bass - front
vintage Maton L-101 Lute Bass - back

Now here is a surprising instrument from our stock of vintage Matons!

The "L-101" model, or "Lute Bass" was made in limited numbers, with only 102 examples ever produced between 1967 and 1969. Serial numbers ran from 101 to 200 - this one has serial number 176.

The Lute bass is a semi-acoustic type, being totally hollow inside. The F-holes are painted on, Gretsch-style, to minimise feedback problems. The twin pickups are switchable, and despite being so close to each other, they display widely varying tones, giving great usability and flexibility to the instrument.

The bass has a short 30.25" scale, making it easily playable by those with small hands. It also has extremely low weight, being a fully hollow body - the weight of only 2.5 kilos means you can wear it all week without getting worn down!

Tone has to be heard to be believed. Loud, articulate, and surprisingly deep and detailed. I've used this live coupled with the '67 Goldentone valve head and 18" box we have for sale, and the tone was to die for!

Click here to see the Maton PDF information file on this bass.

Sold to Greg

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