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Here is an example of true Australiana - a highly-regarded and elusive model from Australia's Maton company (only 473 were produced between 1977 and 1994, with serial numbers from 001 to 887). The JB4 (also known as JB-4 and JBIV) is a classic bass that is fast becoming a collectable vintage Maton.

The original DiMarzio passive pickups (P-bass neck pickup and J-bass bridge pickup) are wonderfully powerful yet warm, and allow a very useful blending of Precision and Jazz bass tones. Factory-fitted brass nut and Badass bridge on a Rock Maple/Black African Ebony neck-through construction with an Australian Sassafrass body give great sustain and tone.

Some JB4s were made by Maton to 'professional' specifications, with the addition of a fully balanced Cannon output jack. This enabled hum-free operation in recording studios, etc, although many bassists also used the balanced output on stage with suitable amps (or even ran the 1/4" jack to their amps and a Cannon lead to the onstage multicore box for the mixer to put through the PA in the days before amps had a "DI" output). The switches and sockets are all factory original - you can simply choose between the normal, unbalanced 1/4" output jack or the balanced Cannon output.

These basses are highly regarded by players, and are becoming harder and harder to find. Fantastic tone, coupled with Maton's legendary neck and perfect balance. This very original and tidy example comes with its original high-quality hard case with metal "Maton" badge.

Sold to Martin in New Zealand

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