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Grouse Guitars has had some wonderful vintage Maton Supreme acoustic archtops pass through, but this is the first of the F210 Supreme we have seen. The F210 preceded the F240, and only 203 were produced between 1947 and 1952, with serial numbers ranging from 100 to 303. This one has the serial number 255 on the early-version Maton label, suggesting a production year of 1950.

This guitar has a patina that is amazing. It came to us in exactly the state you see it here, and I have not been able to bring myself to do the usal re-string, fret polish and fretboard oil that would be the standard base preparation for sale. The rusty strings still sound fantastic, and it simply breathes its past history. It has had just one owner before he passed away in 2007 at the age of 80, and it has been with a friend of the original owner for the last few years before he decided to sell the guitar.

The friend has indicated the original owner was a country and western singer, and that the guitar is therefore in used condition as he toured with the guitar. He says 'Cec' was known by Slim Dusty, and that at Cec's funeral a hand written letter from Slim Dusty was read talking about Cec's singing days. In the original case are some original fingerpicks and some really classic, unused flatpicks. The guitar shows wear that shows only basic chords were ever played (no wear past the first three frets), and the solid carved Spruce top shows only finger-picking wear, with no plectrum wear on the pick-guard.

Truly a gem, with a million stories to tell if it could only speak!

The F210 model has a carved Spruce arched top, with solid Maple back, sides and neck. The neck is still perfectly straight, and the action really nice all the way up the neck. If you look at the detailed photographs in the 'more pictures' link below you will see that one row of tuners have been replaced at some stage in the guitar's life (now over 60 years old!), but it is a correct spacing, and to me only adds to the lovely history of the guitar.

Very early Matons like this are becoming very collectable, and very hard to find. Whether you want to purchase one for display or for playing, this one is truly a gem.

Sold to Dave

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