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Here we have a very rare guitar, in stunning 'under the bed' condition. It's a 1971 vintage Maton Apollo 505T ('T' denotes tremolo arm) semi-acoustic, which was purchased in 1971, lightly played until 1978, and then simply stored with the strings removed until I purchased it 30 years later!

This model was only made between 1970 and 1973, and this is the only example I have ever seen.

The guitar is loosely based on the Gibson ES-335 (actually closer to the ES-330 which is totally hollow), and also has another nod to its vintage Gibson inspiration with its 'goldtop' finish, which is very attractive in the flesh. Like the Gibson ES-335 / ES-330, the body is fully laminated. Neck is Queensland Maple, with a Rosewood fingerboard. It is an extremely light guitar, weighing just 2.5kg (5.5 pounds).

The 'space race' Apollo name (very evocative of the era!) is enhanced by the 'rocket' theme of the twin pickguards. It's a look that has very quickly grown on me, especially in the flesh. Hopefully the photographs convey the look to your screen.

The guitar is in stunning condition. Frets show no wear. There is no rusting or oxidisation of the metal components, There is no buckle rash, only one or two tiny chips, and the barest of playing/handling marks to the gold-painted top. Check the 'more pictures' link below.

The original Stamford (Sydney-based) triangular moulded hard shell case comes with the guitar, and is also in great condition.

The guitar would suit the fussiest of collectors, and is also a very cool and usable guitar for the working musician. Definitely a prime example of the Aussie guitar-manufacturing scene that has fired my enthusiasm for many decades.

Sold to Paul

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