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Early Maton jazz guitars are superb instruments, and this guitar shows just why as soon as you pick it up.

Weight is just right, balance perfect, timbers superb, neck sublime, playability as good as anything else from the big American makers, and amazingly good sound through an amp.

George Golla was one of my Australian Jazz guitar heroes back in the 1970s, and his work with the one and only Don Burrows remains amongst Australia's finest. While George played a 7-string guitar (we sold a stunning example a few years back which can be seen here), he worked with Maton to produce this stunning jazz guitar model.

In the original case is a small fragment of severely crumbled Celluloid pickguard, and the gold plating on the pickups also show signs of a deteriorating ('gassing') pickguard. Fitted to the original brackets is a white plastic guard that itself is some decades old, judging by the yellowing and the minor cracking along its edges.

Everything else on this gem is original. A very collectable high-end vintage Maton, and you will be stunned by its playability and the pure feeling of quality it evokes. Very, very few guitars have this quality to them.

Top is Sitka Spruce, back, sides and neck are Rock Maple, fretboard is luscious Ebony. Bridge and headstock face are Rosewood, and if you look at the detailed photos in the 'more pictures' link below, you will see the headstock facing looks distinctly like Brazilian Rosewood. I'd put a small wager on it. Case is the original.

The selling price is approximately half of what the 7-string sold for. A genuine jazz archtop bargain that will blow American competition (such as Gibson ES-175) at the price point out of the water.

Sold to Jack

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