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We've had a few vintage Maton Supremes through here, but this is surely one of the nicest. The Supreme was made both as an acoustic (F240) and electric (EG240) archtop, which was made between 1953 and 1962. Serial number on this guitar - 1219 - indicates a likely 1960 or 1961 build.

This vintage electric archtop guitar has a laminated flame Maple thinline (2 1/2") body (including the top), showing the move away from the earlier Supremes which had a full-depth (3 1/2") Mahogany body. Neck is 2-piece Maple, and the fretboard is either Rosewood or an Australian equivalent.

This guitar has just been fully set up and serviced, with the original pots having been removed and thoroughly cleaned before being re-fitted. Neck set is great, and action and playability superb. And it's a REAL archtop, with a full 17" wide body and a 25 1/2 inch scale. Maton's marketing at the time said, "The slim, smooth neck and low frets make playing effortless and fast". This one's certainly effortless and fast! Break angle of the strings over the bridge is superb - a completely no-issues vintage Maton archtop. Check the detailed photographs in the 'more pictures' link below.

The guitar is in good, totally original condition, with no cracks, and only some playing wear to the finish. A strap button was once located in the side of the heel before being fitted to its present position, as can be seen by the mounting hole. During the 1980s the guitar was brought to Maton by the previous owner's sister to have the left-hand 'wing' of the headstock re-glued. These side wings quite often become unglued over the decades, and is not a structural issue at all. At the time the re-glue was done by Maton (there was no refinishing of the headstock nor any other cosmetic work done, ensuring the originality was maintained), the owner purchased a genuine Maton case, and this case, in near-mint condition, comes with the guitar. The previous owner tragically died at a young age in 1973, and his sister has carefully kept the guitar - virtually unplayed - ever since.

This vintage Maton is great for Jazz and Rockabilly, and almost everything in between! The pickup is strong and sounds amazing now that the electrics have been fully serviced, so it's a guitar I plan to have some gun gigging with before it goes to its next lucky owner. The guitar has a delightful 'personality' about it, almost an aura. And it has that unmistakeable and lovely aroma of vintage Maton!

Sold to Joseph

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