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Here's a lovely vintage Maton G210 Deluxe Goldtone acoustic archtop guitar, which we came across not long after finding the 1947 example.

Serial number is 334. According to Maton records, serial numbers on this model ranged from 101 to 458, and Maton has verified that this instrument, the 334th Goldtone made, was made in 1955. 358 Goldtones were made before the model was phased out in 1959.

As with the '47 Goldtone, the character of the solid carved top displays distinct German influences, with the quite distinct flat perimeter before the commencement of the arch, much like early Hopf, and other archtops. Later, Maton archtops would become more American in nature, with a more gradual and shallower arch which commenced almost immediately from the rim, without the distinct perimeter.

The top is hand carved from 1 inch solid selected straight-grained Spruce, while the back, sides and neck are of highly figured Maple.

The guitar overall is in extremely good condition, especially when its age is taken into consideration. The original finish shows some age checking, but there is no buckle rash and barely any playing wear. Frets and fretboard show the lightest of wear in only the the first three fret positions. Tuners are original.

This guitar does, however, suffer from neck drift problems, showing both curvature and dropped neck set which would need to be repaired by a good luthier if you wanted to restore the guitar to full playing condition and tone. (I can organise this work at cost with a high quality luthier such as Melbourne's Jim Cargill or Jim Matheas should the buyer request it.)

Interestingly, this guitar has a typed label inside which shows it was repaired by Maton in February 1957, although there is no indication what the repair was! As the guitar was only 2 years or less old at the time, I assume it was, in effect, a warranty item. (Or is the interesting (and strangely attractive) ebony sliver insert in the top just inside the trapeze tailpiece a brave modification to repair a crack in the then newly carved spruce top?)

The guitar came in its original case, but the case has deteriorated appreciably, definitely showing its age. However, in the interest of maintaining the incredible originality of this guitar, the case will be supplied with the guitar.

Sold to John

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