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I don't think I will ever lose the excitement I feel when I find another 'time capsule' vintage Maton guitar. This 1963 545 Premier is one of the best vintage Matons I've ever found.

The Premier 545 archtop electric guitar was produced between 1962 and 1964, and serial numbers ranged from 1587 to 1778 - a total of 145. This example has serial number 1671, placing it right in the middle of the production range, in 1963.

The guitar comes with its original (optional) hard shell case, and even with a period 'dressing-gown cord' strap and bottle of Selmer "Polishine" Guitar Polish, still about half full!

The guitar presents in virtually unplayed condition. The frets and fretboard display no wear at all, the scratchplate is just the way it was in 1963, even with its painted-on pinstripe in gold around the edge, and the chrome-plate edged white plastic volume and tone control knobs are as bright and clean as the day the guitar was made. The vintage Maton features solid timbers throughout, with what appears to be solid bookmatched Queensland Maple top (with a lovely flame to it) and bookmatched solid Mahogany back, and Mahogany sides and 2-piece Mahogany neck (with truss rod adjustable through the body - access is gained by removing the wooden end pin).

There is a slight scratch on the back (I only just got it to show up in the detailed pictures in the 'more pictures' link below), and the original finish has crazed beautifully along the timber grain, but this guitar is in truly amazing condition. What's more, it plays and sounds great too!


Sold to buyer in Sydney

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