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I really love this - the earliest Maton amp I've ever seen.

A date stamp on the power transformer clearly identifies this as a 1958 amp, as does the almost home-made quality to the chassis (check out the 'more pictures' link below). The character of the cabinet is quite similar to the two Goldentones we purchased at about the same time (click here and here), and also uses a quite conventional circuit, in this case using two EL-84 output valves, which would give around 12 watts.

The original white-paper cone M.S.P. Alnico speaker is still in perfect condition, and this amp sounds as good as it looks!

Not long before finding this amp, we got in the smaller version of this amp, a Maton 1x8" combo, putting out about 4 watts, which is a very similar cabinet design, and has the same tolex covering and grille cloth! What a pair!

This vintage valve amp has just come back from our tech of choice, where it got a new pair of matched EL-84 output valves, and new power and bypass capacitors. The original vintage 12AX7 splitter is a tiny bit noisy (hiss), but was left as it sounds so damn good! Likewise the original 6BR7 input valve. This amp sounds glorious. It's effectively an early (1958, remember!) Aussie single-channel Vox® AC-15® clone.

Sold to Derrick, who wrote;

It arrived today, and my my, it is a fantastic little thing! Fantastic tube tone! It makes my Strat sound that much better!

I just thought I'd write to thank you for a fantastic product, and to let you know that it arrived safe and sound.

Thanks again, I hope to purchase something else from you one day!

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